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Another Polar Bear Cub Coming To Louisville Zoo

by Rick Howlett on August 24, 2011

The Louisville Zoo is getting another polar bear cub for its Glacier Run exhibit.

Zoo director John Walczak says Siku, a 22 month old male cub, will arrive in Louisville early this fall from the Toledo, Ohio Zoo.

“Our hope is that in the not too distant future that Siku will become best friends with Qannik, our female cub that we helped rescue from the North Slope in Alaska. She was the female abandoned by her mom back in April. This is just creating a great future for Glazier Run and polar bears here in Louisville,” he said.

Walczak says it’s hoped that the two young polar bears can eventually be bred. Glacier Run is also home to an adult female polar bear and three grizzly bears.

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The Louisville Zoo’s Timmy the Gorilla Dies At 52

by Rick Howlett August 2, 2011

A Louisville Zoo gorilla has died at the age of 52. Timmy, the oldest male western lowland gorilla in North America, was euthanized today after experiencing several years of medical problems, including heart disease and arthritis. The zoo’s veterinarian says Timmy had responded well to treatment for several months but began to decline in recent […]

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Polar Bear Cub Qannik Bound for Louisville Today

by Dalton Main June 27, 2011

The polar bear cub Qannik (KEN-ick) is heading for Louisville today.  She was rescued in April by the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage after being separated from her family, and is now being adopted by the Louisville Zoo. Louisville Zoo director John Walczak has been in Alaska with the Assistant Mammal Curator and Supervisor of Animal […]

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Zoo Meets Goal For Glacier Run Fundraising

by Gabe Bullard December 22, 2010

The Louisville Zoo’s fundraising campaign for the Glacier Run exhibit is over, thanks to last-minute donations that helped secure a matching grant.

In the fall of 2008, the Kresge Foundation promised to donate $900 thousand if the zoo could raise about $8 million by the end of this year.

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Work Continues On Zoo Polar Bear Exhibit

by Rick Howlett July 27, 2010

The Louisville Zoo continues work on the next phase of Glacier Run, the Arctic themed exhibit that will feature polar bears, sea lions, and Amur Tigers.

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Zoo Director Hopes To Expand Elephant Exhibit

by Rick Howlett July 19, 2010

The director of the Louisville Zoo says he hopes the zoo can resume its breeding program that produced Scotty the Elephant.

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What's New at the Louisville Zoo?

by Laura Ellis July 16, 2010

It seems like there is always something happening at the Louisville Zoo; fun, new exhibits, birthday parties for animals, various contests, interactive 4-D films. But this past year has seen some difficult times as well, with the report on the train wreck released, the maiming of a baby gorilla and the death of Scotty the elephant. It’s time to catch up with them and see what else they’ve been up to. Join our conversation with Louisville Zoo director John Walczak on Monday, when we will also talk about the newest additions to the zoo and remember the ones who have left us.  Listen to the Show

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Louisville Zoo Opens New Seal, Sea Lion Habitat

by Rick Howlett June 30, 2010

By Rick Howlett The Louisville Zoo’s newest exhibit is now open to the public. Officials held a dedication ceremony Wednesday for the Seal and Sea Lion Habitat. Zoo Director John Walczak says the habitat is currently home to one seal and four sea lions but will be able to accomodate 14 of the animals. “(It […]

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Louisville Zoo's Injured Baby Gorilla Will be Moved to Columbus

by scrosby May 21, 2010

by Stephanie Crosby The baby gorilla who was severely injured at the Louisville Zoo in April is recovering well but she must be moved to a zoo in Ohio to complete her recovery. Recently named Misha, the three-month-old suffered serious injuries, including the amputation of part of her left leg, in a family skirmish in […]

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Community, Zoo Staff Mourn the Loss of Scotty

by scrosby May 13, 2010

by Stephanie Crosby Life goes on at the Louisville Zoo, though director John Walczak says the loss of three-year-old elephant Scotty has been hard on employees there. Scotty was euthanized last night after a week-long gastrointestinal illness. Walczak says Scotty was beloved by the community and by his keepers, and his loss has been difficult […]

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