EPA Outlines Process in Calculating Pollution Limits for Floyds Fork

Stakeholders including residents and wastewater treatment plant operators gathered in Middletown last night for a meeting with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency. This was the first step in determining new pollution limits for the Floyds Fork watershed. The state says Floyds Fork is impaired, which means the waterway can’t fulfill its designated functions. The […]

MSD Approves Month-to-Month Contract for Counsel Larry Zielke

The Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District today approved an agreement that would renew their legal counsel’s contract on a month-by-month basis. The action comes as the state auditor is questioning the agency’s practice of awarding no-bid contracts for professional services. The state audit is expected by the end of the year. Until then, the MSD board […]

Metro Council Flood Panel Holds Final Meeting

The Louisville Metro Council’s Ad Hoc Committee on the Flash Flood of 2009 held its final meeting Monday. The panel was formed to hear input from residents, Metropolitan Sewer District officials and others about the cause of the August 4 disaster, the city’s response to it, and possible flood-prevention steps. Co-chair Judy Green says the […]