Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, D-2, has suspended her grandson from his job as a legislative aide in her office after the 28-year-old was declared a fugitive for failing to show up for a court hearing.

For the past four years Gary Bohler has worked part-time in the District 2 office and earns $34,000 annually. Bohler’s recent court case was a domestic abuse charge, but he has been arrested on numerous occasions for robbery, drug possession and selling cocaine.

From The Courier-Journal:

Before taking a job in Shanklin’s office, Bohler was arrested at least seven times for offenses including robbery, trafficking in cocaine, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence, according to court documents. [click to continue…]

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Former Councilwoman Green Sued Over Botched Grill

by admin April 2, 2012

A west Louisville resident is suing former Metro Councilwoman Judy Green, alleging the dentist botched a procedure and disfigured him. According to Christopher Skillman, Green was “grossly negligent” when she installed a grill on his four front bottom teeth and that she “failed to exercise the requisite degree of care and skill required of a […]

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Scott Conducts Audit of District 1 Finances

by admin December 27, 2011

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Attica Woodson Scott, D-1, is withholding discretionary funds to community groups while awaiting results of a financial audit. The 39-year-old community organizer was appointed to replace former Councilwoman Judy Green, who was expelled from office due to ethical violations in connection to discretionary spending involving outside groups. In October, Scott asked the […]

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Council Elects Attica Scott to Fill District 1 Seat

by admin October 14, 2011

The Louisville Metro Council elected Attica Woodson Scott to fill the District 1 seat by a 18-to-7 vote Thursday. The 39-year-old community organizer currently serves as a coordinator for Kentucky Jobs With Justice, a grassroots organization that advocates on labor issues, economic justice and immigrant rights. Scott replaces former Councilwoman Judy Green, who was expelled […]

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Sixteen Apply for District 1 Seat

by admin September 28, 2011

The deadline for applications to replace former Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green expired Wednesday and a wide variety of candidates have stepped forward to succeed the disgraced lawmaker. Sixteen residents have applied for the District 1 seat, which was vacated after Green was removed from office for misconduct and ethics violations. The candidates include a […]

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Council Declares District 1 Office Vacant

by admin September 22, 2011

The Louisville Metro Council received the official findings from the removal trial of former Councilwoman Judy Green on Thursday and officially declared the District 1 seat vacant. Earlier this month, city lawmakers voted unanimously to oust Green from office due to two separate charges of misconduct. She is the first elected official removed in Metro […]

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King Assures District 1 Residents That Transition Will Be Smooth

by admin September 19, 2011

In the aftermath of Judy Green’s removal from office, Louisville Metro Council President Jim King, D-10, wants to ensure District 1 residents will continue to have local representation during the transition. Last week, a council court found Green guilty of misconduct on two counts of mismanaging taxpayer dollars and breaking council rules. The 20-member panel […]

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Councilwoman Judy Green’s Removal from Office

by Laura Ellis September 17, 2011

Allegations that Metro Councilwoman Judy Green misspent taxpayer money and unethically employed members of her family, among other things, were found to be true last week by a bipartisan charging committee. It’s the first time an elected official has been removed in Metro Government history. Phillip M. Bailey has been with the story since the […]

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State of the News 9/16/11 [Audio]

by Laura Ellis September 16, 2011

Segment A: We looked back at the week’s metro news, including the removal of Councilwoman Judy Green and the planned changes at some LG&E plants. Segment B: Shea Van Hoy and Daniel Suddeath from News and Tribune joined our own Gabe Bullard & Phillip M. Bailey to talk about week one without the Sherman-Minton Bridge. […]

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Councilwoman Green Removed from Office

by admin September 13, 2011

In two historic decisions, the Louisville Metro Council Court voted unanimously to expel Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, from office. The 20-member court ruled Green mismanaged taxpayer money and committed misconduct in two separate cases, marking the first time an elected official was removed in Metro Government history and the first time a Louisville official has […]

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