Budget Panel Approves Union Exemption From Financial Disclosure

After an hour long and bitterly partisan debate, a Louisville Metro Council panel passed an ordinance that would exempt union contracts between the city and public workers from being subject to mandatory reports. Financial impact statements show the total cost of the contracts between unions leaders and Metro Government over an entire negotiated deal. But […]

City Lawmakers Seek Crackdown on Scrap Metal Thefts

Several members of the Louisville Metro Council are planning to meet with scrap metal business owners to discuss new industry regulations in an effort to decrease theft and tighten security. The meeting is being called in response to what council members call a rise in theft of scrap metal across the city, which has become […]

Council Democrats Support Exempting Union Contracts from Financial Disclosure Law

An ordinance supported by the majority of Louisville Metro Council Democrats would exempt the cost of contracts between public workers and Metro Government from being subject to mandatory reports. Seven years ago, the council passed legislation requiring the submission of a financial impact statement with any ordinance or resolution that spends taxpayer dollars. The original […]

Two-Way Street Conversion in Old Louisville Set

Residents in parts of the Old Louisville neighborhood are being asked to be patient as the city prepares to convert two major thoroughfares into two-way streets. In April, Councilman David James, D-6, introduced an ordinance converting portions of First and Brooks streets into two-way strips. The Louisville Metro Department of Public Works and Assets is […]

Council Members Debate Discretionary Funds

Four members of the Louisville Metro Council debated the need for discretionary spending Wednesday, disagreeing along party lines on the funds use and whether they should be cut or significantly curtailed. The Louisville Forum hosted the discussion, which featured Council President Jim King, D-10, and fellow members David James, D-6, Ken Fleming, R-7, and Jerry […]

More Council Members Volunteer for Week-Long Furlough

More members of the Louisville Metro Council are answering a call to participate in Mayor Greg Fischer’s week-long furlough program to help fill the city’s budget shortfall. Last week, Council President Jim King, D-10, asked fellow members and their staffs to join the voluntary program for all Metro employees making less than $70,000 annually. The […]

James Volunteers For Mayor’s Furlough Program

Answering a call to participate in Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s cost-saving measure, Councilman David James, D-6, will take a week-long furlough to help fill the deficit in the 2011-2012 budget. Earlier this week, Council President Jim King asked fellow members to join the mayor’s program that requires all Metro employees making over $70,000 to take […]

Council Likely to Approve Two-Way Street Change in Old Louisville

The Louisville Metro Council will discuss a measure Thursday evening that if approved will drastically change traffic patterns in the Old Louisville neighborhood. An ordinance introduced by Councilman David James, D-6, seeks to convert portions of First and Brook streets into two-way streets. Local business owners in the district have been supportive of the new […]