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Green Blames Aide For Alleged Ethical Lapses

During a day-long proceeding, Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, admitted it was a mistake to tell a non-profit group to reroute public funds to other organizations without disclosing it to the council. But the embattled city lawmaker put most of the blame on her former legislative aide.

For over two hours Green testified in front of the Metro Ethics Commission, telling the panel she appropriated $7,5000 to 100 Black Men of Louisville two years ago, but the group only needed $1,900 for a mentoring program. No documents filed by Green’s office showed the money was being rerouted, which violates council rules.

The extra money was funneled to other agencies at Green’s discretion, namely $240 for a fund-raiser at St. Stephen church, where Green is a member and attended the event; $400 for a Kentucky Derby fundraiser that Green attended; $1,000 for two youth football organizations; and $2,785 to Clarence Yancey, a political consultant, for catering to a luncheon for seniors in Green’s district.

“Everyone of those organizations and every dollar that was spent, I stand by,” Green said.

Local News Noise & Notes Politics

Johnson Files Resolution Against “War on Workers”

Prompted by a local union, Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, D-21, has introduced a resolution supporting the right of all workers and calling for an end to the “war on workers” across the country.

The non-binding measure notes a “coordinated attack on middle-class” rights and says the council expresses strong support of workers, including their right to collectively bargain.

Johnson says the resolution sends the message that Metro Government is not supportive of steps taken by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who proposed a budget bill that significantly curtailed union rights by eliminating collective bargaining rights.

“It may be partisan in this day and time. Obviously Democrats are for labor and the adverse is true for the other party. That’s who is doing the anti-labor across America,” says Johnson.

This isn’t the first questionable measure that a council member has put up as a resolution, which carries no legal weight. In previous years, city lawmakers have drafted resolution calling for support of the war in Iraq and against teenagers sagging their pants.

In April, Johnson introduced a resolution to assist Japan’s economy after a devastating earthquake caused a tsunami and problems with several nuclear reactors. He told WFPL the local Teamsters Local 783 encouraged him introduce this measure, but Johnson admits there are few examples he can cite to demonstrate a war being waged against Metro employees.

“This is just to forestall in the future and let them know what the council thinks about it,” he says.

The “War on Workers” resolution is being co-sponsored by Councilman Rick Blackwell, D-12, and will be heard before the labor and economic development committee Thursday.