Shanklin Fires Grandson

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin has fired her grandson, who was working as a legislative aide in her office. Her grandson, Gary Bohler, was arrested on Derby day for domestic violence and was declared a fugitive after missing his court date. Bohler has a lengthy criminal record that includes robbery, drug possession and drug trafficking […]

Shanklin Regrets Hiring Legally-Troubled Grandson

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, D-2, regrets hiring her 28-year-old grandson to work in her office, but hopes voters won’t hold his legal problems against her in the upcoming Democratic primary. The former council president has been under heavy scrutiny since it was revealed that her legislative aide, Gary Bohler, was declared a fugitive after […]

Metro Council Committee to Consider Landmarks Proposal

Opponents of a proposal to change Louisville’s landmarks ordinance are urging members of a Metro Council committee to reject the measure tomorrow. Introduced by Councilman David Yates, the proposal would require that a majority of the signatures needed to nominate a property for landmark status come from people who live within a one-mile radius of […]

Shanklin Suspends Fugitive Grandson from Legislative Aide Job

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, D-2, has suspended her grandson from his job as a legislative aide in her office after the 28-year-old was declared a fugitive for failing to show up for a court hearing. For the past four years Gary Bohler has worked part-time in the District 2 office and earns $34,000 annually. […]

WFPL to Host Metro Council Debate

WFPL is hosting a debate featuring the candidates for the Louisville Metro Council’s District 1 seat. The debate will be in the Louisville Public Media performance studio on May 15th at 6pm. It will be hosted by WFPL’s Political Editor Phillip M. Bailey and LEO Weekly’s Anne Marshall. Candidates who will attend include: Incumbent Attica […]

Fischer Wants to Ban Encampments in Small Public Parks

Citing damage caused by the Occupy Louisville protest, Mayor Greg Fischer has proposed an ordinance that would forbid residents from camping out in small public parks overnight. Six months ago, local activists affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement began demonstrating at the Belvedere and Jefferson Square Park in downtown. But in December, Metro Government […]

Neighborhood Group Organizes District 1 Debate

A neighborhood group is hosting a debate Tuesday featuring the six candidates vying for the Louisville Metro Council District 1 seat in the upcoming primary. Last year, the council appointed Attica Woodson Scott to the position after it removed former councilwoman Judy Green from office due to ethics violations. Now five opponents from across the […]

University Hospital Officials Say Cuts From City Would Be Devastating

The Louisville Metro Council Budget Committee will hear testimony today on whether the city should continue funding indigent care at the University of Louisville Hospital. The city gives the hospital’s Qualitative Care and Charity Trust nine million dollars every year, though the hospital rebates two million dollars at the council’s request. The failed hospital merger […]

Landmarks Debate Continues, Council Hears Alternative Proposal

The debate continues over who should have the power to designate landmarks in the city. Louisville Metro’s Planning and Zoning Committee heard a new proposal Tuesday that could act as a substitute to the current proposed changes that would require over half of the 200 petition signatures necessary to request a landmarks hearing to come from […]

Former Councilwoman Green Sued Over Botched Grill

A west Louisville resident is suing former Metro Councilwoman Judy Green, alleging the dentist botched a procedure and disfigured him. According to Christopher Skillman, Green was “grossly negligent” when she installed a grill on his four front bottom teeth and that she “failed to exercise the requisite degree of care and skill required of a […]