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Plans for a possible rail line connecting Louisville, Lexington and Frankfort are moving forward, but that progress could soon stop. The man behind the concept is leaving his job.

Executive director of the Kentucky Capital Development Corporation Ralph Tharp first released his plans for the line earlier this year. But his contract with the corporation will not be renewed. Tharp says he has the support of mayors along the route and he will continue to work on the project until his contract expires in October.

Tharp says the next step for the rail plan is a feasibility study, which would look at routes, stops and capacity. The study would cost around $300,000, and is necessary to seek federal funds for the project.

“We feel very confident that we can money that is put into the highway tax fund,” Tharp says “the federal tax fund that Kentucky creates every year, and we feel there is enough money in that to be used for the rail.”

Louisville and Lexington are working with the Brookings Institution to develop plans for a super region that connects the two cities. Fischer says transportation is a key part of any super region, though he’s not sure if a rail line is the best option.

“The link between Lexington and Louisville is something that I’m spending a lot of time on,” Fischer says “we need to create a regional economy, part of that will be transportation, what type of transportation, when it will be involved, we haven’t focused on that yet, but transportation obviously is a critical link: Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville.”

The question now is what will happen to the plan for a rail line.

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Louisville Sports Venues Earn Accolades

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The KFC Yum! Center was recently listed as the 24th best concert arena in the world by Pollstar.com. It was named the 10th best overall venue in the nation. Louisville and the state of Kentucky have made several lists recently, including ‘fattest states‘ and most family-friendly cities. It’s easy to discount these lists as arbitrary […]

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WebMD Calls Kentucky Fat, Louisville ‘Man Vs Food’ Episode Airs

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In its latest list of Fittest and Fattest States, the online medical reference resource WebMD placed Kentucky in the top ten ‘fattest states’. Kentucky’s obesity rate for adults is 31.5%, making the state number six on the list.  But the obesity rate for 10-17-year-olds came in at 21%, which is third in that category. The […]

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Heat Stroke Requires Emergency Assistance

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After a southern-Indiana teen died of heat stroke last week, questions arose about the accusation that he was denied treatment at an immediate care center.  According to accounts, the boy’s stepfather took him to the Norton Immediate Care Center in Lyndon before calling EMS at the center’s advisement. A Norton Spokesperson said this week that […]

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Jill Biden Cancels Trip to Louisville

by Dalton Main July 26, 2011

Scheduling conflicts have forced Jill Biden to cancel her trip to Louisville today.  She was scheduled to make an appearance at the first-ever “USO Home front Concert” tonight at the KFC Yum Center. The free concert is for military families and the volunteers who support them. It’s a joint effort of the USO and the Kentucky National Guard. […]

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Louisville Slugger Loses Appeal in Montana Case

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An appeal by Louisville Slugger to the Supreme Court of Montana was unanimously rejected Thursday.  The appeal was filed in response to a 2006 judgment. In 2003, 18-year-old pitcher Brandon Patch died after a baseball hit him in the face. The ball was struck by an aluminum bat made by Louisville Slugger. The boy’s family […]

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‘Caylee’s Law’ Proposed in Kentucky, Could Have No Effect

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A bill in reaction to the high-profile Casey Anthony trial in Orlando Florida has surfaced in Kentucky. “Caylee’s Law” was recently pre-filed for the 2012 legislative session. When Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee, many observers were outraged that she faced no jail time for failing to report her daughter missing for […]

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USPS to Conduct Area Efficiency Studies

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By Alan Lytle, Kentucky Public Radio The U.S. Postal Service is conducting a study of the efficiency of its Louisville and Lexington hubs. Spokesman David Walton says the study will determine whether some of the duties handled in the Lexington Processing and Distribution Center could be performed more efficiently at the Louisville facility. The USPS […]

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County Commissioner Districts Re-Drawn

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The districts for Jefferson County Commissioners were redrawn today. The commission unanimously approved a new map of its three districts based on data from the 2010 Census. The measure will now go before the Metro Council for final approval and the map of the districts will be available on the Metro Council website. The County […]

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