Hundreds Attend Dedication of Lincoln Sculpture

Hundreds came out to Waterfront Park last night for the dedication a new statue of Abraham Lincoln by Louisville-based sculptor Ed Hamilton. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer was there. A 50-piece orchestra was on hand for the ceremony to play Aaron Copeland’s “A Lincoln Portrait.” The ceremony celebrated the statue that depicts Lincoln imagined during his 1841 […]

Lincoln & the Speeds

When Abraham Lincoln arrived in Springfield, Illinois in 1837, his first order of business was to purchase a mattress and beddings to sleep on – preferably on credit, since he couldn’t afford to buy them outright. What he got instead was an offer to stay with the storekeeper, Kentuckian Joshua Speed – an arrangement he accepted and which would turn into a lifelong friendship. Lincoln would eventually befriend Joshua’s brother James as well, whom he appointed Attorney General during his Presidency. Listen to the Show

African Americans & Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is heralded by history as The Great Emancipator. But his record on racial issues, and his image among African Americans, is a little more complicated. Some scholars believe Lincoln is undeserving of his canonization as a champion of equal rights, saying his first priority was to preserve the union – whether or not slavery was abolished in the process. Join us Friday on State of Affairs as we take a look at Abraham Lincoln from an African American perspective.  Listen to the Show