Anti-Bullying Bill Unlikely to Pass due to Floor Amendments, Sponsors Will Try Again Next Year

The Fairness Campaign’s Chris Hartman is frustrated by what he considers stall tactics imposed on anti bullying legislation this session. He says two amendments sponsored by Representative Mike Harmon are out of line and are simply meant to kill the bill.

Drag Performance & Culture

STATE OF AFFAIRS 01/11/11: Drag performance has existed for centuries – from male performers playing female roles in Shakespeare’s time, to television shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race. Though drag shows have long been celebrated in gay clubs, movies like To Wong Foo… and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert brought drag further into the mainstream, and January has even been designated National Drag History Month. What’s the appeal for the performers, whose elaborate costumes can costs thousands of dollars? And why do their fans line up and pay a premium to watch what – to the uninitiated – might seem like little more than fancy lip-syncing? Join us on Tuesday when we learn about drag culture and performance.  Listen to the Show