Williams Praises Wisconsin Governor’s Union Crackdown

In an interview with conservative talk radio host Bill Bennett Tuesday, Kentucky Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams endorsed the controversial steps taken by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as necessary measures given the state’s labor union laws. During the discussion, Williams was asked which governors he admired most and named Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Mississippi […]

Indiana Democratic Boycott Continues Over Labor Bill

The bill would raise the threshold at which union participation and wages are required on those projects. Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma says he’s made his final offer toward a compromise. He says in addition to the higher fine, discussions about a formal censure of Democrats will begin next week.

Indiana House GOP, Democratic Leaders Meet

The two leaders discussed labor and education bills that Democrats find objectionable and want withdrawn from consideration. Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma says he won’t take any bills off the calendar. Democratic Leader Patrick Bauer planned to return to Urbana, Illinois but said the two sides moved a bit closer to compromise.