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KIPDA to Lobby for Aging Care Funding

A local agency for aging and independent living will be in Washington next week to lobby legislators in the hope of preserving the federal budget for aging care programs.

The Social Services Division of the Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency provides assistance to disabled persons of all ages as well as the elderly, and Director Barbara Gordon says the agency is concerned about the possibilities of budget cuts to aging care programs

“We hope to declare an important message about how important the services and programs we provide are to these vulnerable populations,” Gordon says “but also the cost-effectiveness of these programs.”

Gordon says the agency’s aging care services allow the elderly to continue to live at home, which saves money in comparison to the high cost of nursing homes.  She also says the services rely on government funding as a way to leverage private funds, and not as the sole source of funding.

“That’s another message that we are trying to get across, is that the federal fund are needed because it is you know, our county’s goal, I hope,” she says “to serve vulnerable populations and to make sure that all those who are in need have access to the services that they need.”

The organization will meet with several Kentucky lawmakers, including senators Paul and McConnell to lobby for funding, as well as the preservation of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

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Public Comment Period on Transportation Projects Ending

A public comment period ends tomorrow night on some proposed changes to several local transportation projects. The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency – or KIPDA – made some amendments to the area’s long and short-term transportation projects. Only plans that are on those lists are eligible to receive federal funding.

KIPDA spokesperson Josh Suiter says all the projects were already on the books, but some changes have been made to them, and they’d like input from the public.

“By not hearing from the public, we pretty much have to take the government officials that we work with on their word,” says Suiter, “and we’re okay with that, but it’s more important that we hear from the public and get their opinion.”

The projects include improvements to River Road, and a proposal to convert some one-way streets in downtown Louisville to two-way streets.

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Proposed KIPDA Move Draws Fire

The Kentucky-Indiana Planning and Development Agency is considering moving its headquarters, and transportation activists are speaking out against the proposed new site.

KIPDA is currently located in the Bluegrass Industrial Park in Jeffersontown and is considering a move to a nearby location at Tucker Station Road and Plantside Drive.

David Morse with the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation says KIPDA should look at sites closer to the city’s urban core, where it would be more accessible to many people who use its services.

“We’ve got a hub and spokes expressway system that’s centered on Louisville, which means it’s very efficient moving people into and out of Louisville,” he says. “And they keep on putting themselves out on the rim.”

No one at KIPDA was available for comment Wednesday, but officials have defended the current and proposed sites as centrally located in the agency’s nine-county service area.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008
Kentuckiana Regional Transportation Planning
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