Kentucky Utilities

Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities will offer three new and four expanded energy efficiency programs to ratepayers next year.

The programs recently approved by the Public Service Commission include a rebate for new Energy Star appliances, as well as a rebate for customers who recycle their old refrigerators and freezers.

LG&E spokeswoman Liz Pratt says the programs are designed give customers ways to better manage the ways they use energy.

“The programs are part of our way to help customers use energy more wisely,” she said. “These programs also offset the annual customer energy demand growth, which leads to additional generation.”

More efficient uses of energy throughout the state could lead to less energy used, which could reduce the need for new power plants in the future, she says.

Other programs include an expanded residential audit service, where the company provides incentives when customers install recommended energy efficiency measures and an expanded effort to match low-income customers with weatherization services.

The programs are paid for through surcharges on customers’ bills. The average LG&E electric customer will see the surcharge drop by about 38 cents each month, while LG&E gas and KU customers will see the surcharge increase by about 50 cents.

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PSC Sets Dates for Public Comment on Rate Increases

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LG&E, KU Requesting Rate Increases

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LG&E, KU Sale Complete

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PPL acquired the two companies from parent E.ON U.S. for $7.6 billion. The deal was approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission last month.

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PSC Holds Hearing On Proposed LG&E, KU Sale

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The PSC is expected to decide by month’s end whether to approve the deal. The utilities are currently owned by E.ON U.S.

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Utilities Prevail In Rate Case

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Rate hikes for Kentucky’s two largest utilities have been approved in Frankfort. The increases come over the objections of the state attorney general’s office.

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