Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton

Minton Re-elected Chief Justice

by Kenny Colston on May 17, 2012

Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton has been elected to a second term.

“With this re-election, the justices have expressed their appreciation for the hard work and leadership of Chief Justice Minton,” says Mary C. Noble, deputy chief justice for the Supreme Court in a statement. “We have an unusually close court that works together on all major issues under the guidance of our chief justice.”

In Kentucky, Supreme Court justices are elected by popular vote. The court then appoints its own chief justice.

Minton was first elected in 2006 and became chief justice in 2008. Before that, he served on the Kentucky Court of Appeals. Minton’s election occurred earlier this week, but the court waited to release the results until Thursday.

“I’m grateful to my colleagues for their strong vote of confidence,” Minton says in a statement. “All of the justices are former trial judges, which gives them unique insight into the work of the courts. More than ever before, the Supreme Court is involved in forming policy and the justices’ perspective and spirit of cooperation has been especially important in guiding the Judicial Branch during one of the most difficult times in recent memory.”

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