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Kentucky State Parks Begins Energy Retrofit of Nine Western Kentucky Parks

Kentucky’s state parks system is two months into a major energy savings project at nine of its parks. The project is part of Governor Steve Beshear’s Initiative for Smart Government, which is designed to reduce government waste.

Kentucky  State Parks began its energy savings initiative by focusing on energy consumption in nine of the resort parks in Western Kentucky. Commissioner Elaine Walker says the improvements run the gamut, from replacing inefficient light bulbs to installing low-flow toilets and showers to using solar panel to heat swimming pools.

“So it’s a broad scope of a project, but we’re very excited about it because not only will it reduce our energy footprint, but ultimately it will save the parks and the taxpayers money,” she said.

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Let's Visit Kentucky State Parks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009
Let’s Visit Kentucky State Parks!
If you’re pinching pennies this year, you may be reconsidering the usual out-of-state vacation. Luckily, Kentucky offers a variety of retreats and getaways right here in our backyard. The state’s 52 parks include important historical sites, recreational activities for all, and amenities ranging from basic backcountry to affordable resorts. Whether you are an experienced naturalist or you just enjoy a good view, tune in Thursday to learn more about what Kentucky’s State Parks have to offer.

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KY House Approves State Park Alcohol Sales

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

A bill that would allow the sale of alcoholic beverages at Kentucky state parks has cleared the House of Representatives.

Tourism officials predict alcohol sales at Kentucky’s 17 resort parks and nine recreational parks with golf courses could annually generate $4.5 million new dollars for the state. House Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark says the money could help the parks become more self-sufficient.

“I think it’s so important to our state park system to have this opportunity. It’ll enhance sales, help with more occupancy and alcohol will be controlled in state parks by the ABC,” Clark said.
Clark’s bill cleared the House 54-35, and heads to the Senate, where it could face choppier waters.

Opponents argue alcohol sales could jeopardize safety at family-oriented state parks. The measure would also require local option elections on alcohol sales in many instances, since most state parks are in dry counties.