Kentucky Space Leader Looks for Innovation as Shuttle Program Ends

The last American space shuttle mission launched Friday, and the head of the Kentucky Space organization says the end of the program could mark the beginning of a new period of innovation. Without the shuttle program, organizations like Kentucky Space that send research projects into orbit will have to find other vessels to carry the […]

Final Shuttle Flight Has Kentucky Ties

The final flight of the U.S. Space Shuttle program is carrying a scientific research project from Kentucky. The shuttle launched today  with a medical experiment organized by the Kentucky Space consortium. The project tests how malignant brain cancer cells behave in low gravity. Kentucky Space president Kris Kimel (chris kimmel) says the research is part […]

Shuttle Mission Includes Kentucky Space Experiment

The Kentucky Space consortium is involved in a medical experiment underway aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Kentucky Space co-founder Kris Kimel says the shuttle’s payload includes a line of Glioblastoma cells. “Glioblastoma, of course, is one of the most deadly types of cancers and chiefly brain cancer. And we’re looking at how those kinds of […]

NASA Rocket Crashes With Kentucky Space Satellite on Board

“We do have a backup and we’re hoping to fly that backup in the next twelve months,” says Kentucky Space president Kris Kimel. “We have another satellite that we’ve been building with the University of Rome that’s supposed to launch in April or the end of this month. So we may be launching another satellite that we’re involved with within the month.”