Kentucky Senate President David Williams

Plan to Create Scholarship Fund for Appalachian College Students In Trouble

by Kenny Colston March 26, 2012

A proposal to create a scholarship fund for far eastern Kentucky college students could be in jeopardy. The Appalachian scholarship fund was intended as a compromise, after a measure to move the University of Pikeville into the state system couldn’t garner enough support. In the House’s version of the budget, lawmakers funded the scholarships with […]

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Stumbo Says Budget Compromise Should Be Easy

by Kenny Colston March 23, 2012

House Speaker Greg Stumbo says his chamber’s priorities for the next two-year budget are not that different from the senate’s. Both chambers have passed their own budget bills for each branch of state government. The two sides must now work out a compromise. Stumbo says he doesn’t have many concerns with the Senate’s changes and he […]

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Senate Passes Budget Bills, Must Compromise With House

by Kenny Colston March 22, 2012

After hours of closed-door meetings, the Kentucky Senate approved budgets for the three branches of state government Thursday night. The House previously approved its own versions of the budgets. The Senate kept the House’s legislative plan intact but modified the executive and judicial budgets. The two chambers must now form a conference committee to work […]

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Stein Calls Out Williams for SEC Tournament Trip

by admin March 13, 2012

Adding more fuel to their burning rivalry, state Sen. Kathy Stein, D-Lexington, continued her criticism of state Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, over his recent trip to New Orleans for the NCAA’s Southeastern Conference basketball tournament during the legislative session. The Senate changed its schedule and did not take up any legislation last Thursday or […]

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Kentucky Lawmakers Still Have Long To-Do List

by Kenny Colston February 27, 2012

Although two major issues have been nearly resolved, Kentucky lawmakers still have a full agenda this session. Redistricting and expanded gambling dominated the first half of the session. The gambling bill was defeated last week and redistricting was settled by the Kentucky Supreme Court. But that doesn’t mean the legislative work is over. Lawmakers still […]

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Beshear’s Gambling Amendment Fails in State Senate Vote

by Kenny Colston February 23, 2012

Governor Steve Beshear’s expanded gambling amendment has failed in the state Senate. The measure would have allowed for a public vote on whether to legalize casinos in the state. It fell seven votes short of the 23 it needed to move to the House. The shortfall was due largely to fractures in the Democratic caucus. […]

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Williams Blasts Beshear’s Tax Commission for Lacking Experts

by Kenny Colston February 15, 2012

Kentucky Senate President David Williams has several criticisms for Governor Steve Beshear’s recently-appointed tax commission. Williams proposed creating such a commission during his bid for governor last year. But says Beshear’s commission lacks the guidance and experience to change Kentucky’s tax code. The Senate President says the majority of the commission is made up of Beshear’s […]

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Beshear Says 23 Votes for Gambling Amendment Are There, Blames Williams for Lobbying Against Issue

by Kenny Colston January 30, 2012

Responding to critics, Governor Steve Beshear says he believes he already has ample support in the state Senate to send an expanded gambling amendment to the ballot. Beshear says there are 23 state senators who would vote in favor of the measure. That doesn’t mean all 23 support gambling though, as some senators, like Republican […]

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Mongiardo Rips General Assembly, Williams Over Redistricting Plan

by admin January 26, 2012

Calling it an exercise in hyper-partisanship, former Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo criticized Kentucky lawmakers for adopting a controversial redistricting plan that faces a potential lawsuit. The Democratic-controlled House drafted a plan that put nine Republican incumbents in the same district, which almost guarantees their 59-to-41 majority would grow. In response, the GOP-controlled Senate carved a […]

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Beshear Proposes Tax Commission, Lt. Gov. Abramson to Chair

by Kenny Colston January 5, 2012

After weeks of hinting about tax reform, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has provided some details. The governor announced the creation of a blue ribbon tax commission tonight in Lexington and the annual Chamber Day dinner put on by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. In a news release, Beshear says Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson will be […]

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