Type 1 Diabetes

We hear a lot about obesity and its link to diabetes – an inability of the pancreas to regulate glucose levels in the blood. But Type 1 Diabetes is actually a genetic disease that first shows up in childhood, unrelated to weight or fitness level. It’s often called juvenile diabetes, but its effect lasts a lifetime. Join the discussion on Thursday as we take a look at the causes and treatment of the disease and find out what it’s like to live with Type 1 Diabetes.  Listen to the Show

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Diabetes Group Wants To Create Ky License Tag

By Andy Freudenburg The Kentucky Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation wants to create a state license tag to promote awareness of the disease and raise money for a cure.     Kentucky JDRF spokesperson Linda Fernandez says by July 1st, her group is required to submit to the Transportation Cabinet the signatures of more than 900 people […]