Type 1 Diabetes

We hear a lot about obesity and its link to diabetes – an inability of the pancreas to regulate glucose levels in the blood. But Type 1 Diabetes is actually a genetic disease that first shows up in childhood, unrelated to weight or fitness level. It’s often called juvenile diabetes, but its effect lasts a lifetime. Join the discussion on Thursday as we take a look at the causes and treatment of the disease and find out what it’s like to live with Type 1 Diabetes.  Listen to the Show

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Diabetes Group Wants To Create Ky License Tag

By Andy Freudenburg The Kentucky Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation wants to create a state license tag to promote awareness of the disease and raise money for a cure.     Kentucky JDRF spokesperson Linda Fernandez says by July 1st, her group is required to submit to the Transportation Cabinet the signatures of more than 900 people… Continue reading Diabetes Group Wants To Create Ky License Tag