Displaced Animals Arrive in Louisville

About 40 cats and dogs that were displaced by severe storms in Alabama will soon be up for adoption in the Louisville area. The pets could not be reunited with their owners after tornadoes devastated Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area. The Humane Society collected the animals and is distributing them to various shelters. Locally, the… Continue reading Displaced Animals Arrive in Louisville

Kentucky Humane Society Starts Renovations This Month

The Kentucky Humane Society says it will soon begin upgrading the heating, cooling and ventilation system at its south Louisville shelter to prevent diseases from spreading among animals. The agency is also renovating the façade of its existing building, and adding another building on the back of the property expedite the processing of animals. KHS… Continue reading Kentucky Humane Society Starts Renovations This Month

Pet Food Bank Open Again Saturday

The Kentucky Humane Society will again open its south Louisville food bank Saturday to offer free pet food to owners who are at risk of having to give up their pets because of financial difficulties. Spokesperson Michelle Ray says more than 150 people visited the food bank last weekend. “This is something that we plan… Continue reading Pet Food Bank Open Again Saturday

KHS Pet Food Bank Opens Tomorrow

The Kentucky Humane Society opens its new Pet Food Bank tomorrow.   KHS says the bank is for families who are struggling to buy food for their pets. Spokesperson Michelle Ray says the recession affects pets too, but they don’t want families to have to give up their animals.  “We realize that many families have… Continue reading KHS Pet Food Bank Opens Tomorrow

Rescuing Animals

Divorce, health issues the family can’t afford to address, a new baby, moving into a place where pets aren’t allowed – those are some of the most common reasons pets find themselves without a roof over their heads. And those are just the circumstantial reasons. There are also reasons related to the pet itself, like aggression, chewing, and other unwanted behaviors. Other pets end up in shelters after they’ve been rescued from abusive or neglectful environments.

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