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Holsclaw Enters Governor’s Race

Another Republican slate has qualified for the Kentucky governor’s race. 

Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw says her campaign is about the people, and she’s not getting into the governor’s race to raise a lot of money.  She just wants enough money to get her message out.  How much is that?

“I can’t answer that.  And I’m not prepared to answer that question.  I will take whatever I get and I will do the best I can with that money to get my message out and where it needs to go,” she said Tuesday.

Holsclaw’s running mate is retired naval officer Bill Vermillion of Caneyville.  Also running for the Republican nomination are slates headed Senate President David Williams and Louisville businessman Phil Moffett.  Gov. Beshear is seeking re-election as a Democrat. 

The primary is May 17.

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Williams, Farmer File Papers For Governor’s Race

The Williams-Farmer slate has officially entered the Kentucky governor’s race.

With their wives and children looking on, Senate President David Williams (right) and Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer (below left) signed the papers and paid the fees that make their gubernatorial campaign official. The two are vying for the Republican nomination, and Williams says they’re the face of change.

“The people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky know that things aren’t OK in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and they want people that have a bold agenda to come forward and change the atmosphere in this state to give everybody an opportunity to share in the prosperity that is the promise of our state and our nation,” he said.   

Gov. Steve Beshear and his running mate, former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson, qualified two weeks ago to seek the Democratic nomination. The filing deadline is next Tuesday.

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Louisvillian Enters Governor's Race

The 2011 governor’s race in Kentucky now includes a Republican ticket.   Louisville businessman Phil Moffett announced his bid Thursday afternoon.  

“What motivates me to get into the race is that I’m tired of being 30-somethingth or 40-somethingth in everything we do when you compare us to the other states in the union.   I think there are some common sense changes that can be made to made to make Kentucky a lot more competitive, if not a leader in the nation,”  MOffett said.

State Rep. Mike Harmon of Louisville will be Moffett’s running mate.   Moffett says his priorities if elected would be reforming Kentucky’s tax laws, reducing the size of state government, addressing the state’s unfunded pension liability and bringing school choice to Kentucky.

Moffett making his first run at political office.

Incumbent Democratic Governor Steve Beshear is seeking re-election in 2011, with Lousiville Mayor Jerry Abramson as his running mate.

(Story by Lisa Autry, Kentucky Public Radio/WKYU, Bowling Green)