Kentucky Board of Education

Kentucky School Board To Meet Wednesday

by Rick Howlett on October 3, 2010

The Kentucky Board of Education will hold its regular meeting this week in Frankfort.

State education department spokesperson Lisa Gross says topping the agenda will be discussion of changes to Kentucky’s assessment and accountability system for public schools.

“This is the very beginning stage of the board listening to the proposals that we’re going to put forth, what the new assessment and accountability should look like, based on the requirement of 2009’s Senate Bill 1. So this is just the very first time that they’re really going to hear the big picture as it comes to this new assessment and accountability,” she said.

Also expected is discussion of the board’s legislative agenda for the 2011 Kentucky General Assembly and and update of the board’s strategic plan.

The meeting will be held Wednesday at 9am in Frankfort.

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Karem Elected State School Board Chairman

by tcveigh August 5, 2010

Karem was the board’s unanimous choice to succeed former chairman Joe Brothers. He’s a strong education advocate who helped steer the Kentucky Education Reform Act through the 1990 General Assembly.

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Orientation Set For New State School Board Members

by tcveigh July 26, 2010

Orientation for new appointees to the Kentucky Board of Education gets underway today in Frankfort. Earlier this month, Gov. Beshear made five new appointments to the state school board, and two reappointments. The board oversees 174 public school districts.

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Board of Ed Considers Extending Testing Window

by scrosby April 12, 2010

by Stephanie Crosby When the Kentucky Board of Education meets this week in Frankfort, it will consider expanding the window of time in which students must take the state’s accountability tests. Spokesperson Lisa Gross says a large number of Kentucky schools missed instructional days this year. “Nearly every school district had some kind of impact […]

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Karem Appointment Challenged

by Rick Howlett March 4, 2010

In a little-noticed skirmish in the Kentucky House this week, a surprise attempt was made to derail the appointment of a Democratic former state senator to the Kentucky Board of Education.

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New Education Standards Set to be Confirmed This Week

by scrosby February 8, 2010

Three education entities in Kentucky will take part in a special meeting this week to finalize new education standards for the state. The Kentucky Board of Education, the Council on Postsecondary Education and the Education Professionals Standards Board will meet Wednesday evening and sign the new standards. Board of Education spokesperson Lisa Gross says the […]

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Kentucky Board of Education Meets This Week

by scrosby December 7, 2009

When the Kentucky Board of Education meets later this week in Frankfort, uniform course codes will be among the items on the agenda. Spokesperson Lisa Gross says it’s an effort to make sure students can transfer between schools and have a consistent level of classwork. “We’re talking about content,” says Gross. “We’re talking about standards. […]

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Kentucky Board Of Education To Meet This Week

by Rick Howlett October 5, 2009

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh The Kentucky School Board this week will look at progress being made at some low performing schools around the commonwealth. The school board wants to hear reports from the Christian County, Covington Independent, Jefferson County and Union County school districts. Lisa Gross of the Education Department says the districts […]

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New State Education Commissioner Begins Work

by Rick Howlett August 5, 2009

Kentucky’s new Commissioner of Education is on the job. Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh reports on Terry Holliday’s first working day in the commonwealth.

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Holliday Is New Kentucky Education Chief

by Rick Howlett July 17, 2009

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh Kentucky has a new Commissioner of Education. He’s 58-year old Terry Holliday, a Statesville, North Carolina, educator and administrator who is the 2009 North Carolina Superintendent of the Year. Holliday says he’s impressed with Kentucky’s national reputation for education reform. “My commitment is that we will work with other […]

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