kentuckians for the commonwealth

by Josh James, Kentucky Public Radio

A decision to allow Friends of Coal to sponsor the University of Kentucky-University of Louisville football game this Saturday isn’t sitting well with some environmental groups.

Friends of Coal and the Kentucky Coal Association have paid $85,000 to put their name on three athletic events this year—the Cats-Cards this Saturday is the first.

“A lot of people support this industry,” says Kentucky Coal Association President Bill Bissett. “This kind of allows us to hit those people who may not know much about coal but can learn about its positive impact while attending a great football game.”

But environmental groups are crying foul. They cite the environmental problems caused by the coal industry around the state and say a political advocacy group shouldn’t be given billboard and scoreboard space at Commonwealth Stadium.

Greg Capillo, an activist with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and Kentucky Mountain Justice, says the sponsorship could backfire on the coal industry.

“What this does it allows us to publicly call them out and then gather more support for future actions,” Capillo said.

Similar sentiments were voiced back in 2009 when UK named a yet-to-be-completed dorm the Wildcat Coal Lodge.

Friends of Coal will also present scholarship money to the mining department at UK during halftime.

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EPA Wraps Up Tour of Eastern Kentucky Amid Coal Industry Criticism

by Erica Peterson August 22, 2011

Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency were in eastern Kentucky last week to meet with residents of four communities affected by coal mining. But as those residents shared their stories and concerns, the coal industry criticized the trip as one-sided and anti-coal. There were nine EPA officials on the tour, including Region 4 Administrator Gwen […]

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Lawsuit Initiated Against Two Eastern Kentucky Coal Companies

by Erica Peterson June 28, 2011

Several environmental groups are threatening to sue two eastern Kentucky coal companies for thousands of water violations. They say the state won’t take action. This comes as the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet is lobbying to have even more control over the state’s waterways. The notice of intent to sue was sent from Appalachian Voices, […]

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Louisvillians Join March to Preserve West Virginia Mountain

by Erica Peterson June 10, 2011

Activists in West Virginia will wrap up a weeklong march tomorrow to save a mountain that played a role in the fight to unionize the coalfields. For five days, a group has been marching fifty miles through southern West Virginia to Blair Mountain. In the 1920s, it was there that miners wanting to unionize came […]

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Kentuckians Among Those Marching to Save West Virginia Mountain

by Erica Peterson June 6, 2011

Today marks the beginning of a weeklong march in West Virginia to commemorate the role a mountain played in the fight for unionization in the coalfields. When 10,000 coal miners marched 50 miles across the rugged landscape of southern West Virginia in 1921, they didn’t know they would make history. They tied red bandannas around […]

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Members of Congress Continue Supporting Measures to Limit EPA

by Gabe Bullard March 16, 2011

The proposals include: a limit on how long the EPA has to approve or reject mining permits; a block on new carbon emissions regulation; and a call for hearings on the President’s plans to protect waterways from mining.

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Environmental Groups Plan to Sue Coal Company

by Gabe Bullard March 9, 2011

The groups say Bardstown-based Nally and Hamilton Enterprises committed 12,000 violations of federal law by filling out water permitting reports with inaccurate or repetitive information. The groups say they discovered the violations while reviewing state documents earlier this year.

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Constitutional Convention Request Clears State Senate, Unlikely to Pass House

by Gabe Bullard February 22, 2011

The measure cleared the Senate 22-16, with Republican Senator Julie Denton of Louisville joining the chamber’s 15 Democrats in opposition.

The measure has also drawn opposition outside of the legislature. Kentuckians for the Commonwealth member Shekina Lavalle says Paul and others are demanding budget cuts while ignoring any calls for changes in how the government collects revenue.

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Detractors Say Balanced Budget Amendment Is Misguided

by Gabe Bullard February 22, 2011

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is in Frankfort to gather support for a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. Paul found support from some conservative state lawmakers, but others were on hand in opposition to the Senator remarks.

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KFTC Creates Political Action Committee

by tcveigh September 17, 2010

Chairman K.A. Owens says in coming weeks, the New Power PAC will take its message to Kentuckians through radio, print and television ads, but won’t be directly endorsing candidates. To kick-start fundraising efforts, KFTC has given the PAC $100,000.

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