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Independents, Third Party Candidates Mull Galbraith Legacy

Kentucky independents and third party advocates are reflecting on the death of perennial candidate Gatewood Galbraith, who brought attention to candidates outside the two main political parties.

Since the early 1980s, Galbraith has been seeking public office and has run for governor, attorney general and agriculture commissioner. He ran several times as a Democrat, but his most successful bid came in 1999. That year, Galbraith ran as a member of the Reform Party and garnered 15 percent of the vote in the gubernatorial race.

Michael Lewis is chairman of Independent Kentucky, a non-partisan group that supports legislation to allow independents to vote in primary elections. He says Galbraith helped citizens who weren’t interested in either party get involved in the political process.

“When you talk about winning and losing, in the grand scheme of things Gatewood won every race because he was able to shake that race. But he also brought in a lot of people into politics, people who were tired and fed up with politics. And I think people recognize there’s a need for that and I think someone will definitely pick up his torch and carry it,” he says.

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Hollenbach Wins Democratic Primary For Treasurer

Incumbent Todd Hollenbach has easily defeated western Kentucky businessman Steve Hamrick in the Democratic primary for Kentucky Treasurer.

Hollenbach will face Republican Lexington Councilwoman K.C. Crosbie and Libertarian Ken Moelllman in the November general election.