Jerry Sandusky

1:06pm: Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky waived his right to a preliminary court hearing, which means his case goes straight to trial. We’ll get an update on those developments.

1:12pm: An economic historian says businesses and governments don’t drive growth and never have—consumer spending does. James Livingston has written about his controversial theory in Against Thrift: Why Consumer Culture is Good for the Economy, the Environment, and Your Soul. He joins us this hour.

Politicians and economic development officials like to promote so-called “magic bullets.” Build this attraction, lure this industry, and our state will prosper. Do those big projects ever pay off? We’ll continue a four part series today looking at the booming industry to produce advanced lithium batteries.

The Environmental Protection Agency has regulated toxic air pollution for most industries, but not the biggest polluters: coal and oil-burning power plants. That changes later this week, and we’ll consider the impact.

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Sandusky Appears on TV, Occupy Wall Street Cleared by NYPD, Meeting an Immigrant Entrepreneur, Teaching Photography in Saudi Arabia: Today on Here and Now

by Laura Ellis November 15, 2011

1:06pm: Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky talked on TV last night, on NBC’s new primetime show. Is that kind of exposure to questioning helping or hurting him? Some new angles are emerging, too. We’ll get an update. 1:12pm: Police moved into the Occupy Wall Street encampment at New York City’s Zuccotti Park and […]

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