Beshear Raised $1.2 Million in First Quarter

A few days after poll numbers put him ahead of all Republican challengers, Kentucky Gov. Steve  Beshear’s campaign submitted its financial report Monday that shows it has raised $1.2 million during the quarter. The latest figures put the total raised by Beshear, a Democrat, at $4.8 million, which is far ahead of any other gubernatorial […]

Abramson Says Transition Will Be Smooth, Anticipates Urban Services Extension

Since merger, Louisville’s way of managing services such as garbage collection has been a frequent target of criticism. But outgoing Mayor Jerry Abramson says service delivery could change, if Louisvillians decide they want it to. The Urban Services District is made up of the old City of Louisville. Residents of that area pay an extra […]

Abramson, Fischer Pledge To Stay Out Of Superintendent Search

Neither Mayor Jerry Abramson nor Mayor-elect Greg Fischer has any plans to try to influence the Jefferson County Board of Education’s search for a new superintendent of public schools.

Fischer and Abramson say they will respect the elected board’s autonomy.

Fischer Transition Team Reviewing Employees, Budget

Fischer said earlier this month that he will essentially ask all of the department heads to re-apply for their jobs. Last week, his team sent letters to those employees asking them for information, including their resumes. Fischer says he’s not sure when any decisions will be made on who to retain.

Fischer Announces Transition Team

Fischer’s transition team includes religious, business and civic leaders. Among them are the mayors of Middletown and Shively, Urban League president Ben Richmond, and Southwest Dream Team co-founder Vince Jarboe. The team will be led by outgoing State Representative and former Metro Council President Ron Weston.