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Council Panel Discusses Police Court Absences

by Rick Howlett on April 14, 2010

The problem of police failing to show up for court testimony was the focus of a hearing Wednesday by the Louisville Metro Council committee.

The matter was first spotlighted in a Courier-Journal report last year that said scores of cases had to be dismissed because of officer absenteeism.

A recent follow-up report found some improvement but said the problem persists.

LMPD Assistant Chief Vince Robison is in charge of improving the system.

He says in most cases, officers miss court though no fault of their own, due to late subpoenas, conflicting court dates or other scheduling problems.

“And I think (some) officers miss court because they didn’t do the right thing. I’m not going to excuse everybody,” he said.

Robison says there has been dramatic improvement in the system since last year. An audit proces is in place to track absences, prosecutors are working to insure officers’ testimony is absolutely necessary before calling them to court, and a new e-subpoena system will be up and running soon.

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County Attorney Continues Ad for Delinquent Child Support

by scrosby April 16, 2009

A full-page ad will run in the Courier-Journal this Sunday with 616 names of Jefferson County parents who are more than six months delinquent in their child support payments.  It’s the fourth time the county attorney’s office has purchased the ad, with the hope the community can provide tips on how to locate the delinquent […]

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C-J Articles Expedite E-Subpoena System

by Gabe Bullard April 8, 2009

A recent series of articles in the Courier-Journal has expedited the effort to prevent Louisville Metro police officers from missing court appearances where their testimony is required.

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Jefferson County Attorney to Argue City's Case in Smoking Ban Appeal

by scrosby December 15, 2008

The Jefferson County Attorney’s office will deliver oral arguments later this week in a Court of Appeals case dealing with one of Louisville’s previous smoking bans. That ban contained an exemption for Churchill Downs – that part was deemed unconstitutional. Judge Stephen Ryan later ruled the entire ordinance was illegal because he said the Metro […]

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New County Attorney Appointed

by Rick Howlett August 15, 2008

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson has appointed a new Jefferson County Attorney. The job goes to Michael O’Connell, a former judge who’s has served on and off as an assistant county attorney since 1975. O’Connell was appointed to succeed outgoing County Attorney Irv Maze, who resigned to accept a judgeship appointment from the governor. Since Maze’s […]

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