Congress Blocks Requirements For Healthier School Meals, JCPS Continues Improving Nutrition

Congress is considering legislation that would block requirements making school-provided meals healthier beginning next year. Some members of Congress say cutting starch and reducing sodium would be too costly for schools. Those were part of the recommendations from the Institute of Medicine to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The appropriations bill would also […]

U of L Extends Services to Help Low-Income Middle and High School Students Succeed

The University of Louisville has received a federal grant to help disadvantaged students prepare for college. U of L’s Talent Search program targets middle and high school students and provides them with academic and personal counseling. Roy Sutton is a counselor who plans on working with students from Western Middle School. He’s also a graduate […]

JCPS Board Considers Student Assignment Changes Soon

The Jefferson County Board of Education must decide soon on whether to implement a new student assignment plan for the next school year. The board listened to a report on community feedback about UCLA professor Gary Orfield’s recommendations on Monday. Orfield’s plan aims to protect diversity in schools, but creates smaller regions for busing within […]

Auditors Recommend JCPS Reorganize Central Management

An outside auditing agency recommends JCPS reorganize its central management to be more efficient. Phi Delta Kappa International has handed the district the first of several recommendations since visiting JCPS last month. The audit says not all job descriptions ensure student success and not all jobs have adequate supervision. “Well I can’t answer how long it’s […]

Food Truck Regulations, Louisville Orchestra Impasse, Prescription Drug Smuggling, the Governor’s Race and More: Today on State of the News

1:06pm: We’ll talk about recent developments in the Louisville Metro, including JCPS student assignment, the Louisville Orchestra, and two men currently trapped in a surface mine in Ohio County. 1:30pm: WFPL’s Phillip M. Bailey and cn|2‘s Kenny Colston analyze the Kentucky governor’s race. 1:40pm: The latest food truck regulations have operators angry and patrons confused. […]

Louisville’s Western Middle School Surprised With New Instruments

An investment firm has donated new instruments to Western Middle School’s music program. Band students were presented the instruments in a surprise announcement Tuesday morning. A new violin, trumpet and cello were among the ten instruments handed to 7th and 8th grade band students who then played them for the first time. Fidelity Investments donated […]

JCPS Continues Student Assignment Discussions

The Jefferson County Board of Education must decide on changes to its student assignment plan soon if it plans any changes affecting next school year. “We’re just right now exploring parts of several plans. And we’re exploring Dr. Orfield’s recommendations,” said Jack Jacobs who oversees the JCPS student assignment plan. The JCPS board met this […]

Low-Achieving JCPS Schools May Have More Options

The five persistently low-achieving (PLA) Jefferson County public schools may soon have more options for turning around student performance. Congress is proposing amendments to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, which would give states more flexibility in turning around schools. The changes also scrap the adequate yearly progress (AYP) standards, which many educators say […]

The Community Foundation of Louisville Invests in JCPS Teachers’ Projects

A philanthropic website is partnering with The Community Foundation of Louisville to help fund projects proposed by JCPS teachers. The website allows any public school teacher to post a project that needs funding to the site. Anyone can then donate to any of thousands of projects listed, said founder Charles Best. Once the project […]

Auditors Begin Observing JCPS Classrooms and Data

A team of auditors is spending the week observing Jefferson County Public Schools. The 25 member team will produce a comprehensive report to help district leaders improve education policies and programs. Phi Delta Kappa International will observe all parts of the district and will visit almost every classroom and interview teachers, parents and the community, […]