The Jefferson County Board of Education has approved a plan to add over 70 assistant principals to elementary schools to relieve administrative work-loads that many school counselors were forced to pick up.

“What we did is we took a half-a-counselor funding away and applied it onto assistant principals,” said JCPS board member Linda Duncan.

The $3.5 million proposal was approved at this week’s board meeting, where several principals showed support. The plan will partly be funded by re-directing financing for half-time counselor positions to assistant principals for elementary schools with over 400 students.

“They needed the extra half-counselor because one counselor was always spending so much time acting as an assistant principal,” said Duncan. [click to continue…]

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JCPS, Parents Make Final Arguments to Kentucky’s Highest Court

by Devin Katayama April 18, 2012

The debate over whether students have the right to attend their neighborhood schools may soon be decided by the Kentucky Supreme Court. The high court heard arguments Wednesday morning on whether the word “attendance” was deliberately removed from state law (KRS 159.070) in 1990. The state Court of Appeals ruled last year that the law […]

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Kentucky Supreme Court Hears JCPS Student Assignment Arguments

by Devin Katayama April 16, 2012

The Kentucky Supreme Court will hear arguments this Wednesday in Frankfort on a case that could force Jefferson County Public Schools to change its student assignment plan. An appellate court ruled against JCPS last year, saying Kentucky students have the right to attend the same school where they enroll, or their neighborhood school. But JCPS […]

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JCPS Supports “Districts of Innovation” Bill

by Devin Katayama April 9, 2012

A bill allowing Kentucky schools to be more innovative in the way kids learn has gained support from charter school opponents and supporters. The bill, if signed by Gov. Steve Beshear, would allow for so-called districts of innovation. It wouldn’t go as far as allowing parents or organizations to form charter schools, but it would […]

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Groups Begins Study of Alternative Education in Jefferson County

by Devin Katayama March 19, 2012

The Louisville League of Women Voters is beginning preliminary discussions Monday for what’s expected to be a year-long study of disciplinary education in Jefferson County Public Schools. The non-profit political group often holds discussions and offers opinions on various matters concerning the region. Officials for the group said the study is partly a response to […]

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Neighborhood Schools Bill Passes Kentucky Senate Committee

by Devin Katayama March 16, 2012

The Kentucky Senate Education Committee has approved a bill, SB 9, this week that would allow students to attend the school nearest their homes, but a similar bill has twice cleared the Senate before only to die in the House. The Jefferson County Public Schools’ assignment plan transports thousands of students around the district to […]

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JCPS Expects Vote on Thomas Jefferson Middle Turn Around Model

by Devin Katayama March 12, 2012

Thomas Jefferson Middle School has decided how it’ll turn around student achievement after being labeled persistently low achieving last year. The school was named in the latest round of low-achieving schools according to the federal government’s No Child Left Behind standards. Thomas Jefferson Middle’s School-Based Decision Making council was allowed to choose one of four […]

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New JCPS Chiefs Start Reorganizing Central Office

by Devin Katayama March 12, 2012

Jefferson County Public Schools’ new chiefs will meet this week to begin reorganizing the district’s central administration. Superintendent Donna Hargens hired five new chiefs to report directly to her after an audit agency recommended the central office staff be reduced and reorganized for efficiency. The person hired to be chief of diversity and communications, Jamilah […]

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Neighborhood Schools Bill Introduced Again in Kentucky Senate

by Devin Katayama March 7, 2012

For the third year, a neighborhood schools bill has been introduced in the Kentucky state Senate. Republican Sen. Dan Seum of Louisville introduced Senate Bill 9 Monday, the final day bills were allowed to be submitted to the legislature. Two other measures have previously won Senate approval but failed in the House. Seum said there’s […]

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Composer Writes Original Piece for JCPS Music Students

by Devin Katayama March 5, 2012

Jefferson County Public Schools students will perform an original piece of music from a renowned composer this week. Music director at the JCPS Youth Performing Art’s School (YPAS) Todd Parker said he reached out to composer David Maslanka last year following a rehearsal of another of his compositions from YPAS students. Maslanka agreed to compose […]

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