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Neighborhood Association Appeals Javanon Decision

The Tucker Station Neighborhood Association is appealing the Metro Board of Zoning’s recent approval of the Javanon Soccer building.

The building was mistakenly approved in 2007 and its retroactive approval was nullified by a county attorney this year after it was revealed that the zoning board had violated open meetings laws in the approval process. The board again approved the building this month, but neighborhood association attorney Steve Porter says that vote was dubious.

“All they did was have another meeting of the same group of people who had been tainted at a closed meeting and we were never able to find out what happened at the closed meeting and never able to cross-examine people or examine people about the information that was presented at that meeting,” he says.

Porter hopes to have a judge order the zoning board to vote on the building again, but without any of the members who were in the secret meeting. He says the building is an eyesore and would not have been approved by the board had it not already been built.

Local News

Javanon Soccer Building Approved

The divisive Javanon Soccer Complex in southeast Louisville has again been given zoning approval, this time legally so. But the fight over the building isn’t over.

The indoor soccer building was built after its building permit was mistakenly issued in 2007. In April of this year, the Metro Louisville Board of Zoning issued the proper approvals for the building, but in the process they had violated open meetings laws.

The decision was nullified and has since been re-made legally, but the soccer club isn’t in the clear yet.

Attorney Steve Porter represents the Tucker Station Neighborhood Association. He says the building isn’t illegal, but it is an eyesore and should never have been approved.

“If it’d gone through the process without being built, I think that they would have required them to make the building fit in with the neighborhood better,” he says. “Since it was already built, they just decided there wasn’t anything they could do.”

Porter says his clients could appeal the zoning board’s decision. They have 30 days to do so.