Fallows to Discuss Book on China’s Aerospace Industry

Journalist and author James Fallows is coming to Louisville this week to discuss his new book, China Airborne. In the book, Fallows explores the growth of the Chinese aerospace industry, and its role in helping the country develop and modernize other areas of its economy. He says in many ways the growth is comparable to […]

Cleaner Coal Could Be Future of Energy, Says Renowned Journalist

Journalist James Fallows is in Louisville today to speak at the Kentucky Chamber’s annual meeting. Fallows is a national correspondent for The Atlantic and a former editor of U.S. News and World Report, and delivered a speech based on a recent article on the future of coal. Last December, The Atlantic ran Fallow’s piece “Dirty […]

Noted Writer to Deliver Coal-Related Keynote at Chamber Meeting

National correspondent for The Atlantic James Fallows is in Louisville this week. As WFPL’s Erica Peterson reports, Fallows is a keynote speaker at the Kentucky Chamber’s annual meeting. Fallows will deliver a speech based on his recent article “Dirty Coal, Clean Future.” The story, which was published in December, examines the future of coal in […]