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Activist Julia Butterfly Hill to Speak in Louisville Monday

by Erica Peterson on October 23, 2011

Activist Julia Butterfly Hill will speak in Louisville tomorrow. In the late 1990s, Hill spent two years living in an ancient California redwood tree to save it from destruction by logging companies. She made her name in the environmental community during that tree sit, and has continued similar acts of civil disobedience since then.

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Today, Hill is still advocating similar forms of social disobedience. She didn’t have access to a cell phone or social media in 1997 when she was living in the tree, but says these tools have had an amazing effect on recent protests.

“The stories we tell play a very powerful and profound role in the world that we create. And having this access to storytelling in a way that’s real time with real experiences hitting global within moments is making a huge difference in people being able to reclaim their communities and their world.” [click to continue…]

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Interfaith Power And Light To Discuss Coal Ash

by Gabe Bullard August 31, 2010

Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light will host a panel discussion on two specific issues relating to the ash created when coal is burned. Executive director Tim Darst says first, the group will discuss a proposed LG&E coal waste dump in southwest Louisville.

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