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Kentucky Not Meeting ACT Benchmarks, Indiana is Above Average

Kentucky’s 2010 ACT results were released on Wednesday. While student performance in the state rose overall, only 14 percent of public school students tested meet all four ACT benchmarks.

Starting this school year, ACT test results will be used in the state’s performance accountability. Kentucky’s 2010 test results report the state is behind the national average for graduating seniors. But the report might not be entirely accurate.

Some of the overall low results can be attributed to combining the scores of juniors and seniors, said Lisa Gross with the Kentucky Department of Education. In Kentucky all juniors are required to take the ACT and most take it again as seniors, she said. But even if they don’t, their results could be included in the average for the graduating class. The ACT will include the last test taken, said Gross

“You’re talking about a pool that’s vary varied. You have graduating seniors in that pool but you also have kids who were juniors the last time they took the test and they haven’t taken it again,” she said.