Daniels Announces Pay Hikes For State Workers

From the Associated Press Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is sending a slice of the state’s expected $1.8 billion in savings back to state workers. Daniels on Wednesday announced pay raises of up to 6 percent depending on state employees’ performance. Most will see a 2 percent increase under the plan. The raises will take effect […]

Indiana Democrats Want Probe Into Uncounted $320 Million

Two Democratic Indiana legislators are calling for an independent audit into why $320 million in tax revenue was not moved into the general fund once it was collected. Sen. John Broden and Rep. Scott Pelath say they will ask the State Budget Committee to approve the audit when it meets next week. Republican Gov. Mitch […]

Indiana Tax Receipts Fall In January

Indiana tax collections in January were $75 million below projections. Gov. Mitch Daniels says individual income and corporate tax receipts continue to reflect an ongoing weakness in the overall economy. “(It)underscores yet again how essential it is that the legislature help us to control spending and that we be as careful as we possibly can […]

Budget Deadline Looms In Indiana

Time is running out on Indiana state lawmakers to approve a new state budget before the close of the fiscal year Tuesday. A House-Senate conference committee has been trying for nearly a week to reconcile differing budget proposals. Republicans who control the Senate say the one-year plan passed by the Democratic-led House would deplete the […]

Daniels Says He's Prepared To Respond To Shutdown

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he remains optimistic that state lawmakers can reach a budget agreement before next week’s deadline, but he’s prepared to keep essential services in operation if there’s a government shutdown. The legislature has until the end of Tuesday to approve a new spending plan. Daniels says if that doesn’t happen, he’ll […]

Daniels To Present New Budget Proposal To Lawmakers

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will formally present his new budget proposal to a legislative committee Tuesday.   Daniels spoke briefly about his plan during a live address Monday night, saying he wants to cut overall state spending by 2.5 percent, but give a boost to public schools and student financial aid. “Every school would receive more […]

Indiana General Assembly Winding Down

The Indiana General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn in a few days, but lawmakers still have two major issues to address: passing a state budget and fixing Indiana’s bankrupt unemployment insurance system. Governor Mitch Daniels says the budget plans passed by the House and Senate spend too much and don’t sufficiently address expected drops in […]