Indiana House of Representatives

Indiana House Democrats Again Delay Legislative Business

by Rick Howlett on January 20, 2012

The Indiana House of Representatives remains in recess until Monday afternoon, as the chamber did not have enough members present this morning to conduct business.

About three dozen Democrats continue their boycott of the proceedings over a Republican-led labor bill.

Democrats have filed an amendment that would require any “right-to-work” law passed by the GOP be subject to a November voter referendum.

House Speaker Brian Bosma said the amendment would be considered, but Democratic Leader Patrick Bauer told him party members need the weekend to inform the public about it.

The House has now imposed fines of $3,000 against boycotting Democrats.

However, a judge has blocked them from being deducted from two lawmakers’ paychecks as a suit challenging the fines makes its way through the court system.

A “right-to-work” bill is also making its way through the Indiana Senate, where Republicans hold a super-majority.

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Democrats Absent Again From Indiana House Session

by Rick Howlett January 10, 2012

Legislative business was postponed again today in the Indiana House of Representatives after most Democrats failed to report for two afternoon quorum calls. The House will reconvene this evening for Governor Mitch Daniels’ State of the State address. Democratic leaders have given no reason for the absence of party members. House Democrats returned to work […]

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Fallout From Indiana House Boycott Assessed

by Rick Howlett March 29, 2011

Feigenbaum says he believes many freshmen Republican lawmakers who make up the new House majority were too aggressive in trying to push through their agenda.

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Indiana House Lawmakers Back At Work

by Rick Howlett March 28, 2011

Democrats ended their protest of the Republican majority’s agenda and returned to the Statehouse Monday. For the first time in nearly six weeks, Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma was able to declare enough members present in the chamber to conduct business.

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Bosma: Democrats Ending Indiana House Boycott

by Rick Howlett March 28, 2011

“I will announce that I’ve been informed by Representative Bauer that the Democratic caucus plans to return this afternoon and conduct business,” Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma said Tuesday afternoon.

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Indiana House Stalemate Lingers Into Sixth Week

by Rick Howlett March 28, 2011

The chamber has been without a quorum since Democrats fled to Urbana, Illinois last month to protest the GOP majority’s legislative agenda.

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Indiana Democratic Boycott Continues Over Labor Bill

by Rick Howlett March 17, 2011

The bill would raise the threshold at which union participation and wages are required on those projects. Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma says he’s made his final offer toward a compromise. He says in addition to the higher fine, discussions about a formal censure of Democrats will begin next week.

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New Optimism For End To Indiana House Stalemate

by Rick Howlett March 9, 2011

While there are no sure signs that Democrats will return to the Statehouse on Monday, Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma told reporters Wednesday that a letter and phone call he received from Democratic leader Patrick Bauer are positive signs. Bauer said he was “cautiously optimistic” after speaking with Bosma, but ending the boycott is a “day-by-day” decision.

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Indiana GOP Leaders Looking For Boycott Work-Around

by Rick Howlett March 8, 2011

Republican Senate Appropriations Chairman Luke Kenley of Noblesville says he may start holding budget hearings next week, even though the actual budget bill is caught in the House impasse. He says he’ll make a decision about hearings at the end of this week if Democrats don’t return.

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Indiana House Democrats Stay Away Another Day

by Rick Howlett March 7, 2011

“The people of the state of Indiana cannot wait for the immovable force to meet the unstoppable object. We have a job to do here and that is to negotiate and to determine the issues that are important to the voters that put us here,” said Rep. Jud McMillin (R-Brookville)

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