Indiana Lawmakers To Again Consider “Right-To-Work” Legislation

The top Democrat in the Indiana House says Republicans are crushing job opportunities in the state with their push to pass a contentious “right-to-work” proposal during the coming legislative session. House Minority Leader Patrick Bauer’s comments came after Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma announced today that passing the proposal will be his top priority during… Continue reading Indiana Lawmakers To Again Consider “Right-To-Work” Legislation

Bauer: No New House Boycott Planned

Speculation about a second boycott swirled when Democrats met behind closed doors Thursday morning, delaying House business. Bauer said Democrats were discussing concerns raised about the lack of public testimony during committee hearings this week, but not plotting a second boycott.

Indiana House In Recess Until Monday; Boycott Continues

Democratic Leader Patrick Bauer and Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma both sounded hopeful that the impasse was near an end after meeting behind closed doors Wednesday. But they have still not reached agreement on the final sticking point of the stalemate: a bill dealing with labor union participation on certain government construction projects.