New Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has set the three top priorities for his four-year term. Fischer stressed the importance of education, health and compassion in his inaugural address Monday.

Lousiville has not grown as fast as many peer cities, and Fischer acknowledged that in his speech. He said without an educated workforce, Louisville will not be able to compete with those other cities.

“The future of our city, the relevance of Louisville as a thriving 21st Century City is what’s at stake here. We will set our sights high,” he said.

Fischer then touted the economic benefits of a healthier population.

“We’re at the top of too many of the wrong lists when it comes to the health of our residents: rates of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer,” he said. “Poor health not only decreases the quality of life, but also drives up the cost of health care for employers.”

In regards to compassion, Fischer re-iterated his plans to declare this Saturday a city-wide day of service. He’s asking all Louisvillians to volunteer in their communities. Saturday, he said, will be the first of several such service days to be declared over the next four years.

The full speech:

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Fischer Takes The Helm At Metro Hall

by Rick Howlett January 3, 2011

In his inaugural address, Fischer called on Louisvillians to strive to make the city the best it can be.

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Fischer Inaugural Festivities Begin

by Rick Howlett January 3, 2011

“I’m honored and I’m humbled to be your new mayor and I look forward to working with you as your partner as we move together,” Fischer said during a brief address.

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Fischer Takes Oath Of Office

by Rick Howlett January 2, 2011

Fischer officially becomes mayor at 12:01am Monday. The Sunday evening oath was administered by Jefferson Circuit Judge Olu Stevens.

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Thousands Expected For Inauguration Events, Some Tickets Unavailable

by Gabe Bullard January 2, 2011

The day begins with a breakfast, which will be followed by an interfaith prayer ceremony and the inauguration itself at 11. A parade will follow the swearing-in ceremony and a gala will be held in the evening. At least one thousand attendees are expected for each event except the gala, which will likely draw around 800 guests.

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Fischer’s Inauguration Will Be Larger Than Previous

by Gabe Bullard January 2, 2011

To celebrate Fischer’s inauguration, there will be a breakfast, prayer service, parade and formal gala. Katy Schneider helped plan the breakfast. She says there’s quaite a bit more fanfare this year than for previous inaugurations.

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Crews Preparing Convention Center For Inauguration

by Gabe Bullard December 30, 2010

The day will begin with a breakfast at 7:30 in exhibit hall 2-C. The hall will be decorated with set-pieces that look like various Louisville landmarks. On Thursday morning, Rebecca Baldwin watched crews assemble a replica of Metro Hall that she painted.

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Jim Gray Inauguration Set For January 2

by Rick Howlett December 16, 2010

Gray, Vice Mayor-elect Linda Gorton and the incoming Urban County Council will be sworn in by Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Mary Noble.

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Fischer Discusses Inauguration, Administration Plans

by Gabe Bullard December 7, 2010

One of the most persistent questions Fischer has been asked since the election is how he will structure his administration. He has been talking with the more than 100 high-level employees he could directly replace upon taking office, and he says there will be some openings and replacements announced soon.

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Nods to Science, Climate Change in Inaugural Address

by kespeland January 20, 2009

There’s been quite a bit of talk about how President Barack Obama’s administration will renew the country’s commitment to science, as well as to the environment, which many feel took a back seat to politics during the Bush administration. And, from the President’s address today, it sounds as though that will be more than just talk.

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