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City Sponsoring Shredding Campaign To Prevent Identity Theft

Louisville Metro Government is sponsoring a trio of trash collection events over the next several weeks.

On October 17th, Louisvillians can bring papers, discs and hard drives to Papa John’s Cardinals Stadium to have the materials shredded free of charge.

Attorney General Jack Conway says identity thieves have many ways of pilfering information, but shredding personal documents can provide a high degree of protection.

“It helps,” he says. “There are a lot of people out there that don’t have a shredder, don’t have access to as shredder. And when we had out first community shredding event last year, I was surprised at the line of cars stretched out onto Shelbyville Road—people needing to shred their documents. They really took advantage of that.”

The other events are a large junk dropoff day on October 25th and a Brightside litter cleanup on November 7th.

Local News

Unreported ID Theft Cases Prevent Prosecution

Federal officials say many identity thieves go unpunished after their plans are thwarted, due to improper reporting of crimes.

Secret Service Special Agent in Charge for Kentucky Paul Johnson says many cases of identity theft are stopped by banks or credit card agencies and not reported to law enforcement officials.

Johnson says a recent act of Congress gives the government better tools to prosecute identity thieves.

“The federal statute allows for you to be convicted,” he says. “If convicted, to be sentenced to a two-year mandatory sentences. So if you’re convicted of one count of aggravated identity theft, you’re going to go away for at least two years per count.”

While the Secret Service handles identity theft cases, Johnson says local police can report the crimes to federal officials.