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Kennedy Bridge Lanes to Close for Roadwork

Repairs on the Kennedy Bridge will cause lane closures this week.

Crews are replacing bearings on the span, and work near the Kentucky shore will require traffic to be limited to one lane in each direction overnight Tuesday and Wednesday. Lanes will close at 9 pm and reopen at 5 am. Ramp closures will continue during this time as well.

In the daytime, the outermost lanes will be closed from 9 am to 3 pm Wednesday, but ramps will remain open.

Heavier construction is slated for the middle of next month.

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Temporary Concrete Barriers Considered for Part of I-65

by Stephanie Crosby

New temporary concrete barriers may be erected soon along parts of I-65 between Elizabethtown and the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesperson Mark Brown says they’re only considering putting up the barriers in locations where there aren’t currently cable or other barriers.

“These are the types of barriers that we would use, or our contractors would use in construction zones,” says Brown, “so rather than having these barriers stockpiled somewhere, we will be considering where they can be feasible to erect and where they can be most effective on the interstate.”

Brown says over the last two years, the cabinet has put up some 34 miles of cable barriers along that stretch of road, and about 20 miles of temporary concrete barriers. He says the long-term road plan there is to expand the road to three lanes in each direction, which would include a permanent concrete barrier.

The portion of I-65 where ten people in a van and one truck driver lost their lives in a head-on collision earlier this year is not being considered for additional barriers, because there is already a cable barrier there.

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Revive 65 Southbound Work Begins

The southbound portion of the Revive 65 project begins Monday. Several lanes of Interstate 65 will be closed between the Watterson Expressway and Fern Valley Road.

The repaving of several miles of southbound 65 is expected to continue around the clock until November 15th. Northbound work was extended one week due to unstable soil conditions under portions of the highway. Transportation Cabinet spokesperson Andrea Clifford says it’s unclear if this portion of the project could face similar delays.

“When we get into the southbound work and remove those concrete layers, we’ll have to see if the soil on that side is stable enough to hold the construction traffic and the new roadway or if we’re going to have to do what’s called undercutting and remove that soil and go back with aggregate,” she says.

After the 15th, lighter work will continue at night for another month.

“The rest of the work as to be completed by December 15th, and that is items like guardrail installations and bridge-joint repairs, but those lane closures will be restricted to nights and weekends,” says Clifford.

The total project will cost 28 million dollars, 18 million of which will come from the federal stimulus package.

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Construction to Shut Down Lanes of I-65

Motorists who use I-65 will encounter delays starting today between the Watterson Expressway and Fern Valley Road. The Transportation Cabinet is beginning its ‘Revive 65’ project, which will replace concrete road on that three-mile stretch with asphalt.

Governor Steve Beshear says it’ll be inconvenient for motorists, but the project is important.

“Some 186,000 vehicles travel this route every day,” says Beshear. “So it’s imperative that the public become aware of this project and start planning alternate routes. Delays are inevitable.”

The interstate will never be completely closed during the project, but several lanes will be closed at various times. Construction will take place mostly during off-peak hours.

The project is expected to cost $28.7 million.

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'Revive 65' Project Coming to 3-Mile Strech of I-65

A three-mile stretch of I-65, between the Watterson Expressway and Fern Valley Road, is going to be torn up and replaced with asphalt over the next three months or so. Concrete barriers are going up this week, and full construction will begin Monday on the “Revive-65” project.

Transportation Secretary Joe Prather says the state is spending $28.7-million dollars on the three miles of road.

“It’s probably, in some ways, more expensive than if you had no road, as far as the paving part,” says Prather, “because you have to take up what’s there, plus then you have to put back down the new surface.”

Eighteen-million dollars of the project is being paid for with federal stimulus money.

Prather says most of the construction will be done during off-peak hours, starting at eight o’clock each night. He says during that time there will be extensive lane closures, and people who travel that part of I-65 regularly are advised to find another route.

The project is expected to be finished by the end of this year.

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30+ Biofuel Stations Added from Gary to Mobile on I-65

Indiana state officials and the US Department of Energy have announced the country’s first continuous corridor of biofuel stations.   It runs along Interstate 65.  Currently, stations that sell biofuels like E85, an 85 percent ethanol-blend fuel, can be few and far between.  However, only about 7 million vehicles currently on the roads are capable of running on these fuels.  Still, lawmakers and car makers alike see an opportunity to increase both supply and demand, according to DOE spokesman Mike Scarpino.

“We’ve looked at this kind of chicken and egg strategy; alright, we’ve got a lot of vehicles out there, lets focus our efforts on infrastructure,” says Scarpino.

According to DOE data, few so-called “flex fuel” vehicles are registered near the I-65 corridor.  But the DOE says it will send many more millions of dollars into local programs that help fund E85 and other biofuel stations in order to entice motorists to make the switch.