Humana Wins Another Round in Tricare Dispute

The U.S. Government Accountability Office has ruled against Minnesota-based UnitedHealth in a protest over the awarding of the lucrative Tricare military contract. Humana previously held the contract, which allows the company to provide insurance and benefits to military members, retirees and their families in the south. Humana lost a renewal bid to UnitedHealth in 2009,… Continue reading Humana Wins Another Round in Tricare Dispute

Humana Aims To Eliminate Hiring Smokers

It was reported today that Humana intends to stop hiring smokers, where the action is legally permitted. The company wants to encourage healthy behavior among workers and already has a policy of not hiring smokers in southwestern Ohio. However, there are states that prohibit barring employment on the basis of smoking.  Kentucky state law says… Continue reading Humana Aims To Eliminate Hiring Smokers

Humana’s Department of Defense Contract Challenged

Last month, Humana won its appeal to retain the DoD’s TRICARE contract to provide health benefits to active and retired military personnel and their families in the south. Humana lost the contract to Minnesota-based UnitedHealth two years ago, but quickly filed the appeal, saying the DoD did not equally judge insurers.

Now UnitedHealth has challenged the decision in favor of Humana’s appeal. The company says it provides better quality and prices for the DoD and healthcare providers.

Humana Festival Continues With Maple and Vine

“Maple and Vine is about a modern couple feeling somehow dissatisfied and unhappy with their 21st century lives and they meet a man from a fully-contained kind of gated community where everyone goes about their lives pretending that it’s 1955,” says playwright Jordan Harrison.

Humana Foundation Increases Support for Humana Festival

It costs Actors Theatre about $1.5 million to put on the festival, and the Humana Foundation will be contributing almost half of that. The foundation will contribute $700,000 toward the festival each year for the next three years. That’s a $25,000 annual increase over the previous award.