Humana, U of L Doctors Announce Agreement

The two sides in a longstanding health care contract dispute have announced an agreement. Humana, Incorporated and University Physicians Associates say they’ve reached a contract that will become effective October 1. UPA is a group of hundreds of doctors affiliated with the University of Louisville. It ends an impasse that lasted more than a year,… Continue reading Humana, U of L Doctors Announce Agreement

Humana Announces Job Cuts

Louisville-based insurer Humana announced Wednesday it will cut its national workforce by 1,400, including 750 full-time positions in Louisville. Spokeperson Jim Turner says it’s a response to a decrease in enrollment, which fell 11-percent last year. “A signifcant contributing factor to that is what’s happening in the overall economy and the resulting employment losses experienced… Continue reading Humana Announces Job Cuts