Bill Banning “Bath Salts” Stimulant Clears Committee

Kentucky lawmakers appear ready to crackdown on stimulants called “bath salts,” that are being sold in many gas stations and convenience stores across the commonwealth.

Dr. Henry Spiller of the Kentucky Regional Poison Center in Louisville says the “salts” contain stimulants that users snort, inject and smoke.

Yarmuth May Clash With Issa On Oversight Committee

The high-profile post places Yarmuth across the table from California Republican Darrell Issa, who chairs the committee. Issa has said he intends to use the committee’s power to conduct hundreds of interviews and investigate the Obama administration, which he calls corrupt.

Yarmuth Looks To Protect Legislative Victories From Repeal

Yarmuth says he’s been pleased with new Republican Speaker John Boehner’s nods to bipartisanship, but he’s not sure whether that will pan out over the next two years. While Yarmuth has his concerns about GOP’s plans for the upcoming session, he says the party may have difficulty reigning in newly-elected representatives.

Kentucky House Approves Road Projects

The Kentucky House, voting mostly along party lines, has approved three-point-four-billion-dollars in bonded road and bridge construction projects for the next biennium. The vote was 67-32, with only two Republicans supporting the bill. Minority Leader Jeffrey Hoover of Jamestown says the measure punishes Republicans who voted against the revenue bill approved by the House last week.