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Skeptics Continue Questioning Hospital Merger

A group that’s critical of the pending hospital merger has released another round of questions for the merging partners.

Honi Goldman leads the unnamed group. Her questions for University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives largely concern funding for the merger and the final management structure of the merged entity.┬áThe deal is still a work in progress, and it’s pending state approval. Goldman released the questions in a release to the media and wrote about them on Insider Louisville. She says she hopes the governor, attorney general and legislators see the questions and seek answers.

“We’re hopeful that they share our skepticism around this, because these are tax dollars at work. Tax dollars are going to be funding this merger,” she says, adding that she is not opposed to the merger.

Last week, the merging partners spoke at a Board of Health forum. They revealed that University Hospital will not be under Catholic care directives after the merger, but will rather follow a contract that is still being written.

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Second Hospital Merger Forum Is Tonight

A second public forum will be held tonight on the pending hospital merger between University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives.

The merger will limit some reproductive services offered at University Hospital, and that has raised concerns among many patients.

The forum is organized by the African American Think Tank and will be held at the African American Heritage Museum at 5:30. It’s meant to gather reactions and questions about the merger from west and southwest Louisville.

A spokesman says University of Louisville officials appreciate being invited to the forum, but school and hospital official will not attend.

Representatives from U of L, CHI and Jewish Hospital spoke at a Board of Health forum yesterday.