The Occupy Louisville movement has spurred the creation of a panel to hear concerns regarding homelessness in the city. A diverse group of organizations, including city officials, will listen to discussion this Friday on the issue.

Those on the panel aren’t quite sure what issues might be brought up, but talks earlier this year with Occupy Louisville demonstrators were enough to request a forum, said Curtis Stauffer with the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, one of the groups on the panel.

“It could be a day to day simple operations thing that could make life easier for consumers and it could be bigger issues related to broader policy questions about how consumers are perceiving their use of the system and ideas to bring it forward,” he said. [click to continue…]

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Romney Releases Taxes, Inside The World Of “Travelers,” JCPS Prepares for Updated School Nutrition Standards: Today on Here and Now

by Laura Ellis January 24, 2012

1:06pm: Under pressure to show voters his tax returns, Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and Republican presidential hopeful, today posted returns from several years on his website. Last year, he paid $3 million in federal income taxes last year on nearly $21 million in income from investments and carried interest from the private equity […]

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New Downtown Homeless Initiative Being Considered

by Devin Katayama October 3, 2011

The Louisville Downtown Management District is considering an initiative that would help prevent panhandling and homelessness downtown while helping those on the streets find loved-ones to live with. The idea is similar to a program in Nashville called Homeward Bound that helps transport eligible homeless people to a friend or relative’s home, said Ken Herndon, […]

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Housing Report Shows Continued Trends, Zoning Issues

by Gabe Bullard October 27, 2010

The head of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition says institutional changes must be made to stop the spread of homelessness in Louisville. The statement coincides with the coalition’s latest housing report.

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Planning Commission Approves Homeless Shelter Zoning

by Gabe Bullard September 30, 2010

The regulations address a gap in zoning laws that neither prohibited nor allowed a shelter to be built downtown. The regulations define zoning for three types of buildings that serve the homeless, and would allow shelters downtown.

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State of the News

by Laura Ellis September 16, 2010

It’s Friday, and that means time to wrap up another week with State of the News. This week we’ll talk about the latest in the possible execution of death row inmate Gregory Wilson, whose execution has been postponed for now. We’ll find out what could be next in that case, then check in on Metro and election news. Then we’ll finish out the show with a look at child-related news – including the JCPS assignment plan controversy. Join us for a look back at the stories that made headlines and analysis from the reporters who covered them.

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Many Area Homeless Are Veterans, Employed According To Census

by Gabe Bullard June 30, 2010

Of the more that nine thousand homeless people counted in Louisville last year, about one-fifth were veterans, one-third could not afford a mortgage or rent and one-fourth were employed, with overlap between each group.

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Louisville Bucks National Homeless Trends For 2009

by Gabe Bullard June 28, 2010

Coalition director Natalie Harris says the annual count showed that Louisville’s homeless demographics differ from national trends.

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Shelters Fly White Flags During Hot Weather

by Gabe Bullard June 15, 2010

When the heat index reaches or tops 95 degrees, the shelters fly white flags to indicate that the homeless can come in for relief from the heat overnight.

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Task Force Recommendations Favor Wayside Shelter Downtown

by Gabe Bullard April 23, 2010

Wayside Christian Mission may legally be able to operate a homeless shelter in downtown Louisville by the end of the summer.

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