Downtown Cancer Center to Open Next Week

Officials have cut the ribbon on a new cancer treatment facility in downtown Louisville. The Norton Cancer Center at Floyd and Broadway has been under construction since January 2010. It will open next week and is capable of providing aggressive radiation treatments on adults and children. The center will undoubtedly see a large number of […]

USDA Awards JCPS with Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grants

As students prepare to go back to school, some may see changes to their diets. The USDA has awarded Jefferson County Public Schools 33 grants for its Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. But those grants may be in jeopardy. The program gives students fresh produce in the afternoon, three days a week. JCPS has received […]

Update: U of L Officials Say New or Renovated Facilities Can Host Procedures Restricted by Hospital Merger

Leaders of the University of Louisville medical school gave a number of assurances but few answers about the future of reproductive health services at the school’s hospital. U of L hospital is merging with Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare and a division of Catholic Health Initiatives. The merger has raised concerns that vasectomies, stem cell research […]

University of Louisville Begins Construction of Innovation Park

Mayor Greg Fischer and University of Louisville President James Ramsey celebrated on Wednesday the beginning of construction for a new building in the Nucleus Innovation Park. “We’ve got a new research park here. It’s going to be a hot spot of collaboration and innovation and of course a spot where many, many jobs are going […]

Report Highlights Limitations of Hospital Merger

For months, the University of Louisville has been in merger talks with Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare and Catholic Health Initiatives. Mergers involving Catholic institutions often raise concerns about reproductive health issues, since the religion is opposed to many procedures that could affect birth control. U of L will maintain medical facilities that are […]

Kentucky Space Leader Looks for Innovation as Shuttle Program Ends

The last American space shuttle mission launched Friday, and the head of the Kentucky Space organization says the end of the program could mark the beginning of a new period of innovation. Without the shuttle program, organizations like Kentucky Space that send research projects into orbit will have to find other vessels to carry the […]

Indiana Attorney General Appealing Latest Ruling in Planned Parenthood Case

Officials with Planned Parenthood of Indiana say they are not surprised that the state attorney general is appealing a recent court ruling in favor of the group. After a law blocking state funding from any organization that provides abortions took effect, Planned Parenthood filed suit. Late last week, a judge issued a temporary block on […]

Zoeller Says Federal Challenge Should Take Precedent Over Planned Parenthood Case

The American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and the Indiana Attorney General were in court today to debate the legality of a state statute that blocks public funding to Planned Parenthood. The law blocks any of Indiana’s Medicaid dollars from going to the organization or any other that provides abortions, though federal funding […]

Planned Parenthood of Indiana Returns to Court Monday

Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s fight against an anti-abortion law continues in court tomorrow. The organization is seeking to have a law that strips public funding from Planned Parenthood and any other organizations that provide access to abortion. Planned Parenthood argues that the state cannot restrict Medicaid patients’ choice of providers. Further, federal money cannot be […]

Mapping the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The first HIV diagnosis was made 30 years ago. Since then, it’s spread to epidemic proportions in the United States. As Fast Company writes, “it’s probably more prevalent in your neighborhood than you think.” To prove that point, the company profiles the creators of AIDSvu, an interactive map that shows a county-by-county breakdown of adults […]