Kroger to End Sale of Products With “Pink Slime”

by Gabe Bullard on March 22, 2012

Kroger has become the latest grocery chain to announce it will no longer sell products that contain the meat filler commonly called “pink slime.”

Pink slime is a meat filler that’s made up of leftovers from other cuts and treated with ammonia. In the industry, it’s called “lean, finely textured beef.”

In recent weeks, various articles on the filler raised health concerns, even though it meets all USDA standards. Many healthy food advocates cited pink slime as the unappetizing epitome of over-industrialized food production.

Kroger joins Stop & Shop, Safeway, Supervalu and Food Lion in ending sales of products that contain the filler. Previously, Kroger planned to sell products with and without pink slime, but in a statement, store officials say customers don’t want the substance in their food, so Kroger won’t make it available. Last week, the Agriculture Department said that starting next fall, schools involved in the national school lunch program will have the option of avoiding the product as well.

Additional information from the Associated Press

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“Livability” Report Presented to Shawnee, Portland Neighborhoods Tuesday

by Devin Katayama February 27, 2012

Louisville Metro Parks officials and community leaders from the Shawnee and Portland neighborhoods will present a report on the barriers to healthy living Tuesday evening. The “livability” report was paid for by federal stimulus funds and is aimed at reducing obesity, largely by making the area more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. “Walkability is a […]

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Sen. Paul Files Brief in Supreme Court Against Federal Healthcare Overhaul

by Devin Katayama February 22, 2012

Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold a Circuit Court’s decision that the new federal healthcare law is unconstitutional. The deadline to submit a brief has passed and several briefs for and against the new federal healthcare law’s individual mandates have been filed. Paul was in Louisville Wednesday to discuss […]

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U of L Officials Welcome Indigent Care Fund Audit

by Gabe Bullard January 26, 2012

The trust that funds a portion of indigent care at University of Louisville Hospital will be audited. U of L President James Ramsey asked for an audit of the Quality and Charity Care Trust earlier this month. The request came after the Jefferson County Attorney revealed that the trust’s board hasn’t met in over two […]

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Second Hospital Merger Forum Is Tonight

by Gabe Bullard October 20, 2011

A second public forum will be held tonight on the pending hospital merger between University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives. The merger will limit some reproductive services offered at University Hospital, and that has raised concerns among many patients. The forum is organized by the African American Think Tank and will […]

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Audio: Hospital Merger Partners Speak at Board of Health Forum

by Gabe Bullard October 19, 2011

Two hours of explanation did not silence the critics and skeptics of a pending hospital merger, though many new issues and complications have been revealed. The Louisville Metro Board of Health brought representatives from University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives to a public forum Wednesday evening. The partners took questions from […]

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Parallels to Louisville in Colorado’s “Merger Mania”

by Gabe Bullard October 18, 2011

The merger between University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish & St. Mary’s Healthcare and Catholic Health Initiatives isn’t the only hospital consolidation pending in the U.S. Colorado Public Radio reports that this could be a record year for hospital mergers. In a conversation on the show Colorado Matters, CPR health reporter Eric Whitney explains why mergers […]

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Critics Release Questions Ahead of Hospital Merger Forum

by Gabe Bullard October 17, 2011

The Louisville Metro Board of Health’s public forum with the partners of a pending hospital merger is Wednesday, and the panelists already have plenty of questions to answer. The merger between University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives has raised a number of questions since it was announced. The merged entity will […]

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Meth Debate Picks Up as General Assembly Nears

by Gabe Bullard October 7, 2011

State lawmakers heard a variety of opinions on how to limit methamphetamine production today. The number of meth labs in Kentucky has been increasing for years. The drug manufacturer group Consumer Healthcare Products told the Joint Committee on the Judiciary the state should create a database of people who have been convicted of meth-related crimes. […]

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Slow Food International Leader Speaks About Sustainability and Southern Diets

by Gabe Bullard September 7, 2011

The world population is expected to reach nine billion in the next 50 years. On top of that, the growing middle class in China and other developing countries is adapting a western-style diet…the type of diet that many healthy food advocates say isn’t sustainable, not for humans and not for the environment. Slow Food International […]

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