Appeals Court Weighs In On Child Abuse Records Case

The Kentucky Court of Appeals is weighing in Tuesday on whether the Cabinet for Health and Family Services can transfer full jurisdiction from the Circuit Court in a case regarding the release of its child abuse records. Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd has previously said the agency has failed to comply with his orders, after […]

Child Welfare Summit Proposes Recommendations to Change Policies

Kentucky Youth Advocates will propose three main recommendations this week for changes to the state’s child welfare system, according to executive director Terry Brooks. Nearly 250 Kentuckians attended a summit this weekend to discuss those changes, including Janie Miller, secretary for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Attendees heard dozens of recommendations but the […]

Judge Says State Withheld Too Much From Child Abuse Records

Additional reporting from the Associated Press A judge has ruled that Kentucky officials withheld too much information from child abuse records released last week. The Cabinet for Health and Family Services released the records after a social worker was accused failing to adequately investigate allegations of abuse that eventually led to a child’s death. However, […]

Kentucky’s Child Welfare Cabinet Reports Fewer Child Fatalities

Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services has released its annual report on child abuse fatalities, which show fewer fatalities this year when compared to previous years’ data. But it may be difficult for lawmakers to use this information in comparison, said Terry Brooks is executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates. The report is three months […]

State Lawmakers, Advocates Question State’s Child Welfare System

State representatives and local advocates are asking Gov. Steve Beshear to consider changes to Kentucky’s child welfare system. The request comes after reports of a child’s death uncovered that a state caseworker failed to investigate previous allegations of child abuse. This has led some to question the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, which is […]

Health Secretary Says Managed Care Will Keep Medicaid Budget Balanced

Governor Beshear wants to shift second-year funds forward to balance the Medicaid budget, and make up any second year deficits with savings from managed care. The Democratically-controlled House agrees with his plan, but the Republican-controlled Senate wants across-the-board cuts to state agencies, including education. House Republicans oppose cuts to education. The debate is dominating the waning days of the legislative session.