Drive Through Flu Shot Clinic To Be Held Tuesday

by Rick Howlett on October 3, 2010

By Sheila Ash

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium will be the site of a drive through flu shot clinic Tuesday.

The shots are being offered by the University of Louisville Hospital.

This year, people will only need one shot to cover both the seasonal virus and H1N1. The cost of the vaccination is $25 and pre-payment and pre-registration are available online. Medicare payments can be handled on-site.

Linda Goss, the hospital’s director of Infection Prevention and Control, says there are other precautions people can take to avoid getting the flu.

“Wash your hands, number one. And number two, just in crowded situations where you know people are sick to avoid those if at all possible. Keep your home clean as far as if someone is sick to wipe down areas using some type of disinfectant in your home environment high touch surfaces certainly door knobs, sinks,” she said.

The clinic is only for those 18 and older. Also people at risk such as pregnant women and anyone over 50 should be vaccinated. The clinic will be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

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Flu Shots At Public Schools Start Tuesday

by Gabe Bullard September 27, 2010

Health department director Dr. Adewale Troutman says the vaccines are free, but can only be offered at schools where at least 80 percent of the students are on free or reduced lunch.

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Flu Shot Clinics Begin This Week

by Rick Howlett September 6, 2010

Starting Thursday, residents can visit firehouses and other sites across the city to get an immunization, which this year includes both the seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccine.

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Health Officials Urge Preparation For Flu Season

by Rick Howlett August 30, 2010

This year people will only have to get one shot to be vaccinated against both H1N1 and the seasonal flu virus. Schulz says most health care facilities should begin offering flu shots next month.

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H1N1 Still Active In Louisville

by Gabe Bullard March 3, 2010

Louisville Metro health officials say the H1N1 virus is still a threat, but it’s not the public health concern it once was.

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Health Department Offers More H1N1 Vaccine Clinics in Feb.

by scrosby February 1, 2010

The Louisville Department for Public Health and Wellness is offering another round of H1N1 vaccine clinics starting today, after a successful series of clinics in January. Spokesperson Dave Langdon says 54-hundred people showed up for the clinics in January, which were held at government centers and fire stations throughout the city. He says those clinics […]

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4,000 Appointments Made to H1N1 Clinics in Two Days

by scrosby January 5, 2010

More than four-thousand Louisvillians have made appointments for the city’s H1N1 vaccine clinics for the general public in the first two days of the clinics. Health department director Dr. Adewale Troutman says he was surprised to see over two-thousand people make appointments on the first day, and another two-thousand by noon today. “Frankly, it’s more,” […]

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H1N1 General Population Clinics Start Today

by scrosby January 4, 2010

H1N1 vaccine clinics start today for any Louisvillian who wants one. After running clinics in schools and at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium for those considered at high risk to contract H1N1, the health department is now offering the vaccine to anyone who wants it. Director Dr. Adewale Troutman says appointment-only clinics start today. “We’ve focused […]

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H1N1 Declines in Kentucky

by scrosby December 23, 2009

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh The number of cases of H1N1, or swine flu, in Kentucky continues to decline. In the last three weeks, Kentucky has seen no new deaths attributed to H1N1, or swine flu. The death toll remains at 36, including three children. State Health Commissioner Dr. William Hacker says Kentucky’s classification […]

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H1N1 Vaccine Now Available to General Population

by scrosby December 21, 2009

With three weeks of H1N1 vaccine clinics at schools behind them, officials at the Louisville health department are now organizing clinics for the general public. Starting January 4th and lasting three weeks, anyone in Louisville who wants an H1N1 vaccination can get one, not just those considered at high-risk. Director Dr. Adewale Troutman says supply […]

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