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UGA Vacates Award for Mortenson

The University of Georgia has vacated a prize that was supposed to be given to author Greg Mortenson. The decision means that this year’s Delta Prize for Global Understanding will not be awarded to anyone.

Mortenson is facing accusations of fabricating stories in his best selling book, Three Cups of Tea, which has launched an investigation by his publisher. Meanwhile, his charity is facing an investigation by the Montana Attorney General amid accusations of financial mismanagement.

Delta Prize board member Dr. Betty Jean Craige declined to comment on the details of the decision but says it was reviewed by everyone involved.

“It was a decision made by the senior administration of the University of Georgia and the directors of the Delta Prize.”

Mortenson was to receive the prize from UGA on April 8 at a banquet that was cancelled because the author was sick.

The University of Louisville is scheduled to award Mortenson the Grawemeyer Award for Education in September.

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UGA Withholds Prize For Mortenson

The University of Georgia has decided to withhold this year’s Delta Prize for Global Understanding for Greg Mortenson until after the dust settles on allegations that he fabricated stories in his books.

Several of Mortenson’s stories from his book Three Cups of Tea, were called into question recently by 60 Minutes and author Jon Krakauer.  His book is currently under review by his publisher and his charity’s questionable amount of support lent to his book promotions is being reviewed by the Montana Attorney General.