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31 different industry sectors are now required to track and, in 2011, report their greenhouse gas emissions under a mandatory reporting rule the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency enacted last Fall.  Now, the agency wants additional sectors to track some of the smaller sources, and local utility E.on-US has been preparing for the requirements, according to spokesman Brian Phillips.

“We don’t think that these new expanded CO2 reporting mandates will add much burden to our staff and won’t directly cost the customers through the proposed reporting requirements,” says Phillips.

The new requirements cover methane — a powerful global warming gas – that can escape from natural gas operations, among other sources.  The EPA estimates the reporting would cover more than 85% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Industrial sources only have to report those emissions for now, not control them.

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Three New US Energy Plans Worry Governor

by kespeland February 3, 2010

Today, President Barack Obama announced three major energy and environmental initiatives designed to reduce dependence on foreign oil as well as reduce global warming emissions. But as WFPL’s Kristin Espeland Gourlay reports, Kentucky’s response was less than enthusiastic.

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Some Progress, Some Waiting: Louisville's Climate Plan

by kespeland December 18, 2009

It’s down to the final hours in Copenhagen, Denmark for international negotiators to reach agreement on a new climate treaty. Meanwhile, municipalities have taken it upon themselves to address climate change. WFPL’s Kristin Espeland Gourlay has this look at the fate of Louisville’s own Climate Action Plan.

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Former Air Pollution Chief Off to Copenhagen

by kespeland December 7, 2009

The next round of major climate treaty negotiations kicks off today in Copenhagen, Denmark, with more than 100 world leaders slated to attend, including President Barack Obama. Louisville’s former Air Pollution Control District Director Art Williams will also be in attendance, as part of the Sierra Club’s national delegation.

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KY Forest Owners Receive Cash for Carbon Storage

by kespeland October 19, 2009

Some Kentuckians have just received the first checks for selling carbon credits for the forests they own. And these credits are selling for more than others right now on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

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Kentucky Joins Greenhouse Gas Registry

by kespeland November 11, 2008

Kentucky has joined the North American Climate Registry, along with more than forty other states, and most Canadian provinces.

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Landmark California Legislation Fights Sprawl

by kespeland October 1, 2008

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law the nation’s first bill to take a comprehensive whack at sprawl. The bill’s main mechanism is links the transportation funding the California doles out with state climate policies.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Louisville Metro

by kespeland August 28, 2008

Louisville Metro now has a baseline inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions.

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KY Farmers Earn Thousands for Carbon Credits

by kespeland August 1, 2008

This past year, farmers enrolled nearly 3 million acres in the National Farmers Union carbon credit program, keeping enough carbon dioxide stored in the soil to offset the yearly emissions of 320,000 automobiles.

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Bigger Market for IN Coal Seen in New Plant

by kespeland July 25, 2008

Proponents say IGCC plants are cleaner than traditional plants because they don’t emit harmful pollutants during combustion. And that means the plant could make more use of Indiana coal, which is higher in sulfur than coal from western states.

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