Report Finds Rapid Growth of Vacant Properties, Room for More Manufacturing

The epidemic of vacant properties in Louisville is growing. That’s one of the many facts cited in the latest annual Competitive City Report from the Greater Louisville Project. According to the report, in some areas of the city, more than 15 percent of homes and business are vacant. The 2010 Census puts the average for […]

Urban Leaders Group President Praises Louisville Report

The head of a national urban leaders group was in Louisville Thursday to offer support for the latest “Competitive City” report. It’s compiled annually by the Greater Louisville Project and measures the city’s progress and room for improvement in the areas of education, jobs and quality of life. Carol Coletta with the group CEOs for […]

Competitive City Report Shows Some Success, Room For Growth

The Greater Louisville Project’s Competitive City Report will be released Thursday. It ranks Louisville among peer cities such as Nashville, Indianapolis and Raleigh. In areas such as education attainment, median income and safety, Louisville ranks near the middle. Project director Carolyn Gatz says those areas and others need to be improved to make the city more competitive at attracting new business and jobs.

Let's Get An Update on Louisville & Our Region

Louisville doesn’t exist in a vacuum, no city does. We’re part of Kentucky, part of the Ohio Valley, part of Kentuckiana, etc. And the same is true for the smaller cities and towns surrounding us. So, it stands to reason if one of us is doing well, then all will benefit; and if not . . . . the region suffers. Join us on Tuesday when we take a look at two recently released reports on Louisville and the surrounding region to see how we’re all doing, what we can do better and how we can move forward together. Listen to the Show

Report: Not Enough Young Adults with Degrees in Louisville

The number of college-educated young people isn’t growing quickly enough in Louisville – that’s according to the Greater Louisville Project, whose 2009 Competitive Cities report is out today. The group had set a goal they hoped to launch Louisville into the top tier of those fifteen cities. The 2005 goal was to double the projected […]