Beshear Says Commonwealth Won’t Approve Merger Until Concerns Are Addressed

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has weighed in on the pending merger between University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital and a division of Catholic Health Initiatives. Under the merger, U of L Hospital will not be able to provide abortion, stem cell research, vasectomies, treatments for infertility, emergency contraception for rape victims and birth control counseling. […]

In Light of Higher Reciepts, Beshear Says No Furloughs for Next Fiscal Year

It’s been another stellar month for state revenue receipts in Kentucky. And that means no furlough days for state workers next fiscal year. General Fund receipts in May were $750 million, a whopping 18 percent increase over May 2010 receipts. Tax collections in the first 11 months of the current fiscal year have grown 6.7 […]

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear

It’s been a tough start for Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. First he had to break it to the citizens of Kentucky that our state government had no money and his budget contained deep cuts. Then he lost a hard fight with a contentious legislature over casinos and an increased cigarette tax. On the other hand, he managed to get legislation passed to bolster the state’s pension system and he joined in the investigation into high gas prices in Louisville. All this and he’s not even through his first year as governor. Listen to the Show